5 Reasons To Watch Brooklyn Nine Nine


Brooklyn Nine Nine is an American sitcom created by Dan Goor and Michael Schur that showcases how the crimes are solved in the NYPD. Andy Samberg is one of the producers and the male lead of the series.

The series has completed seven seasons and the eighth season will be on air next year. The first five seasons premiered in Fox but the channel cancelled the show. NBC picked the show and for a sixth season when there were lots of pleas not to cancel the series.

You will come across so many police -related topics like forensic, evidence, search warrants, interrogation, autopsy. The series is applauded for its vibrant cast. It has won two Creative Arts Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe Award

Five reasons

1) The finest friendships

Every one of the characters has a unique bond with their fellow detectives. It is a pure bliss to witness it. Even though they fight sometimes, they realize that their fight is not more than their relationship and sort it out.   

2) Jake Peralta – the ‘feminist’

The hero of this series is portrayed as a goofy, immature yet a brilliant detective in the beginning. The growth of his journey is incredibly marvelous. He is a natural feminist who supports his female coworkers in every step possible.

3) The storyline

There are two Black men who amaze us with their astonishing acting and the two Latina women who lift the show to a whole different level. Every character has not changed much since the pilot but the changes have only led to the betterment of their personalities. It somehow manages to meet both the real and fictional world.

4) Best written love story

Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago start out as playful rivals then become best friends who eventually fall in love. They support each other through everything. They listen to each other, communicate and don’t hide anything. They tick every box of the ideal relationship category.

5) Addressing issues without hurting anyone

There are a lot of emotional scenes that are beautifully captured by mentioning so many serious issues that linger in the society. One or the other person will normally get hurt while facing an emotional turmoil. This series steps cautiously on every single thing with a happy solution in the end.

This show is an epic opportunity to enjoy your stressful days with their quirky humour. 

Written by – Keerthana Lakshmi

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