8 Reasons You Should Visit South Korea

What do you know about South Korea? Gangnam Style, K-pop, K-drama, and/or Train to Busan. Well, South Korea is not only about movies and music, but it also has a unique culture that will make you fascinated enough to visit at least once.

South Korea is a peninsula that shares a border with North Korea with quite a rich history. The name Korea was derived from “Goryeo” which was one of the greatest power in the history of Korea.

1. Energetic and Still Alive Culture

South Korea is geographically isolated and it is a major reason for its cultural preservation. Even today the people of Korea wear their traditional dress, Hanbok for festivals. You can also witness the traditional dance and the music when you go around the capital of South Korea. 

The tradition of South Korea will make your trip to the country profound.

2. Itaewon

Seoul International District Itaewon is a foreigner-friendly place and it acts as the home for many immigrants and tourists

Itaewon has the most diverse culture in Korea and there are many things to do and many places to visit. Itaewon also includes activities like ‘making your own perfume’. It hosts an annual festival known ‘Itaewon Global Village Festival’ to represent its diverse culture and exotic nature. 

3. Heavenly Incorruptible Food

Korea has a unique cuisine and geographical isolation is considered as the reason for this also. Kimchi, the national food of Korea is eaten with most meals. Other than that Korean offers a large variety of food that matches everybody’s taste buds like pork cutlet. You should visit South Korea if you want the original. 

4. Sun-Soaked Beaches

South Korea is a peninsula with lots and lots of beaches and coastlines. If you want to have some fun and are looking for a place with beaches and sunrise then get ready to visit Jeju Island in South Korea. Other than that the country does have many national parks and world heritage sites too.

The journey will not fall short of excitement! 


You never need to worry about getting lost in South Korea. In South Korea, there is public transportation to every city, every island, and every village.

You don’t even need to spend a lot of amount for traveling. It is a home for one of the biggest airports in the world.

6. High-Speed Internet Connection

South Korea offers its citizens a high-speed internet connection which makes it the eighth country in offering internet connection for all citizens.

Having the internet with you all the time will make you feel safe and secure.

Those are not the only advantage you get out of visiting digital South Korea and as a digital person yourself it is not difficult to find reasons why you need the internet all the time in a foreign country.

7. Credit Card

Shops that don’t accept cards are very very rare in South Korea. You need not worry about cash in South Korea. Even taxis, food delivery, and almost all restaurants including small restaurants support credit card usage.

8. Drink, Drink, And Drink

South Korea is all about freedom for drinking alcohol and there are no restrictions on where you should drink and where you should not. South Koreans also follow different etiquettes for drinking alcohol. When you are drinking with elders make sure to keep up with their etiquettes. 

You can drink anywhere and anytime but be responsible.

While South Korea may not be an ideal travel destination for many people but you won’t ever regret visiting there. When you go there make sure to try their amusement parks without fail. I wish your trip to South Korea be exhilarating and exciting.

Written by - Jaime A

Edited by - Rudransh Khurana

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