Giving a Twist to Food and Plating Them Is an Art - Manjari Nagariya

1. Tell us about your background and journey.

Hi! I am Manjari Nagariya. I am happily married to Shubhanshu Nagariya since February 12th, 2016. My family and I are completely foodie. My Maa loves cooking. When I was a teenager, I kept my eyes on Maa and admired how she cook food so fast and delicious. Watching her, I gradually started doing experiments and from there my journey 'Love for Cooking' started.

2. What led you to do food blogging?

Love for Cooking and plating them is an art. When I got suggestions from families and friends then I decided that I should do it now. Encouragement, love and passion lead you to do such things.

3. What does your typical day look like?

A typical day of mine is normal, waking up in the morning, freshening up. Then hydrating the body is important, enjoying Green tea/Black tea or Black coffee with lemon juice, sitting in the balcony with my husband and surrounded by green plants, we enjoy this and we give 10 minutes to each other. Giving at least 30-40mins to our body is very important, therefore, doing cardio and stretching (Always try to do some workouts every day it will change your life) is very helpful. 

After taking a bath, I do my prayers and then I prepare lunch. After having my lunch, I sit down with my pen and notebook and I make my to-do list. I think about my recipes, what I have to make and upload next. In the evening again I take green tea or cinnamon with lemon tea and do my file works. Then I prepare light and healthy dinner for us. After dinner, I love to take a walk for 15-20mins. Then is the time for my skincare (which is again very important). Back to bed, while watching some news or movies. This is what my day looks like.

4. When did you first decide that you wanted to create and write content about food i.e. for blogging?

I start cooking since my school days but because of school life and college life, I never got proper time for blogging. Soon after my marriage, I thought many times and decided to upload my dish in my private account with a written recipe. My friends and family always appreciated me so much (thank you guys!) and especially my husband, they kept telling me to start blogging.

I tried for YouTube but because of lack of time, I was not able to make a video. Then I thought, let's show my creativity on Instagram. On a very special day, 24 April 2020 I started my page @Happinesss_is_here_2749 as an Instagram blogger. That's how my journey began.

5. Is there a dish you particularly associate yourself with?

I will say No and Yes both. No, because I can't be associated with one particular dish, and big Yes for all types of food because I am a foodie person and I love cooking. So obviously, I am for food and food is for me.

6. Which is your favourite book and why?

Well, I am a little romantic person. So, I love reading romantic books especially when I am travelling like - I Too Had a Love StoryCan Love Happen Twice (Ravinder Singh), One Day Life Will Change (Saranay Umakanthan), A Hating Game (Sally Thorne) and many more. Like every other book, romantic books also teach us plenty of lessons.

Interview By - Geetika Bali

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