People Who Appreciate My Work Are My Biggest Motivators - Devashri Kamat

 My name is Devashri Kamat. I'm a student and I am 21 years old.I enjoy all things creative and positive. I have interest in music,art, DIYs etc. I have an Instagram page @deesdomain_ and a YouTube channel @dee's domain where I upload videos related to Nail art, art, beauty, DIY crafts etc.

1. When did you first decide that you wanted to create content and how did you start?

I decided when I was in the 2nd year of my college(2018). My mum motivated me to start an Instagram page and channel where I could just let out my creative flow and so I did. Also one day our teacher at my college gave us a lecture on how and why we need to develop and pursue our hobbies and look at it as a source of income besides our mainstream academic career. This as well inspired me.

2. Is vlogging and YouTube content creation a financially sustainable career?

My channel hasn't been monetised yet. I have a few subscribers and since I'm not a full time YouTuber and having to manage both college and YouTube, I have not been very regular but I think and I have seen many ordinary people establish a very successful and financially stable career with vlogging and YouTube. So yes .

3. Who is your favoutite creater and why?

I have a bunch of favourites. Kaushal Hannah Rox and so many others.

4. How and where do you find inspiration to churn out content?

People who appreciate my work are my biggest motivators. I have friends who keep asking me when am I uploading the next video or post or those that tell me that they really enjoyed my videos or found it useful in some way, these people fuel my creativity. And of course then there's my mum always motivating me.

5. What does your typical day look like?

um..I'm not a full time youtuber or content creator, so my typical day pre-quarantine would be college and then on weekends filming videos or doing DIYs, crafts and art. 

6. Which is your favourite book and why?

I'm not much of a reader. But one book I really enjoyed was 'The monk who sold his Ferrari' by Robin Sharma. This is because the book tells us how we create our own reality and that we can achieve anything we put our minds to. A very motivational book.

7. What piece of advice would you like to give to future and aspiring creators?

Just go for it. Do what you love. Make original content ,you don't need to be like everyone else. Do something that is true to your heart and something that gives to happiness and something that spreads positivity. Also it's very important to be regular with your uploads and posts and try to keep your content relatable.

Interview by - Pratibha Sahani

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