Pregnancy Complications List - A Must Read for Women

A woman is tied up to so many bonds. She is the most responsible being, and her responsibilities change over time with different people. She never complains, she never stops, she never takes a break. She goes on giving her best to life and the people she loves, never taking a break. Eventually, she pauses, cuts her slack a bit, gives herself a break from the world, “for whom” you imagine.

The Big News 

“You’re pregnant”, “you might be expecting a baby”. These few little words can spin a women’s world around. What is the exact condition of the mind, what thought process she might undergo is still a mystery? She can tell you all about how she feels for everything, but this time goes different.

Because she’s not in this alone, but she has someone inside her to be taken care of. That someone needs to be loved more than anything even when it’s not in front of her eyes. The care of the life-taking breath inside, makes her understand self-love and self-care too.

The Phase of Motherhood 

But motherhood doesn’t come that easy. Women have their own set of challenges as well. Most pregnancies involve complications and if not treated, might harm the mother or the child or even both. There are complications at the time of pregnancy, and then during delivery also. A woman can suffer through physical as well as mental stress.

Common Complications During Pregnancy

Some good things usually come after a lot of struggle and pain. So is the sweet fruit of motherhood. However, as mentioned earlier, the phase of pregnancy can involve a lot of complications. The most commonly observed ones are listed below.


  1. Asthma- As the air pressure fluctuates during pregnancy, the lungs might be unable to inhale and exhale the required amount of air needed. Hence, a weak respiratory system might result in causing minor Asthmatic problems sometimes.

  1. Depression- Women undergo a lot of mood swings very frequently. Hence, sometimes it is increased to a level of depression which also makes it difficult for her to care perfectly for herself and for her unborn baby. It can lead her to cry on small things much sooner, or she might feel sad most of the time.

And as every one of us understands, only physical health doesn’t matter but also mental peace is required. And so, dealing with depression and keeping the mother happy should be the primary job for a family.

  1. Eating disorders - Body image changes during this period. And this could be the cause of several eating disorders. Eating disorders are linked to many problems and might result in birth defects or premature birth.

  1.  High Blood Pressure- Having chronic high blood pressure can put a pregnant woman and the unborn at higher risk of problems, like placental abruption, preterm birth, or the low weight birth of the child. 

Common Complications During Delivery

  1. Pain during labor happens due to contractions of the muscles of the uterus and due to the pressure on the cervix. This pain can be felt strongly cramping in the abdomen, groin, lower back, and some women might feel some pain in thighs also.


  1. Heart rate might decrease a lot making it difficult to keep the mother conscious during normal delivery.


  1. Breathing becomes increasingly difficult.


  1. The body starts longing for rest due to so much pressure on the lower body making it much more difficult to bring out the child.


Pleasurable Pain

A survey says that the pain a woman suffers during delivery is as much comparable to the breaking of 126 bones of the body altogether. Besides all the pain a mother goes through in bringing and introducing her child to the world, she just longs for the baby to come in her arms.

She can do all it takes to be able to take as many glimpses as her eyes can and admire the child. She lives the 8-9 months before that moment with all the complications of her own body and mind.

The Bottom Line

She must have been a wisher always, but this time she is also the beneficiary of all the wishes she ever had. I’m not in a position to understand what it must feel like to ignore the world for that littlest human in my hands right now but what I’m sure about is that whenever a woman will try to explain that first spark of love, that first glimpse of her beautiful child, she will be in happy tears. 

And then when the time flows by and the baby grows older these feelings are kept aside a bit for the upbringing and nourishment and giving a perfect life besides all the flaws. But one day that mother will narrate the story to the grown-up of her first meeting with her newborn, with the same tears of joy and warmth with, “Jab We Met……”  

Women have a piece of separate baggage to carry. Topics like Menstruation are nowhere close to being considered as normal. It is still a taboo and has countless myths surrounding it. 

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Written By - Pavas Shrigyan 

Edited By - Neha Kundu

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