Top 5 WhatsApp Tips And Tricks You Need To know


WhatsApp is one of the most widely used social media networks spread all over the world. There are more than 300 million active users in India and 1.5 billion active users over 180 countries. 

For better experience and entertainment of users, WhatsApp keeps updating out with new features and technology from time to time, to make these apps more addictive for its users.

Now out of all the features that are present in WhatsApp, there are some fun tips and tricks that make your WhatsApp experience better.

Mark chats as unread:-Sometimes due to busy scheduled you might not be able to reply to those messages which you have read. Well, you can Mark those chats as unread on WhatsApp for reminding later, to give a reply to that chat. 


The steps you have to follow is to press and hold the chat which you want to mark as unread and tap the unread icon on Android. On iOS, you need to swipe the chat to the right side and tap the unread option to make the conversation unread.

Send text in different formats

In case, if you are bored with the same font that WhatsApp uses then there are some tricks to change the font. You can easily change it by converting the normal font into bold or italics. 


You just have to give the asterisk symbol at the starting and end of your text to make it bold, for italics start and end the sentence with an underscore. If you want a strikethrough font than give the tilde symbol at the starting and end of your text. 


Check who do you text the most

Do you have an idea with whom you chat more in your WhatsApp? Did your friend eat up most of your storage? Well, here’s what you can see. 


Just open settings on WhatsApp there you select data and storage usage, tap on storage usage and select the contact where you will see the amount of storage in terms of videos, photos, stickers, messages which you have shared with your contacts. 


Reduce data consumption on call

As you all know WhatsApp offers free unlimited calling by using data. But in this process, your data consumes more. Well, here’s you can limit your data. Just open settings on WhatsApp go to data and storage usage, there you can see low data usage just on it to reduce the data used in the call. 


Honorable Mentions- 2 step verification

It’s an important part of 2 step verification. If you lose your sim card or else it breaks, at that time another person is not able to active the WhatsApp with the same number. Here’s you can follow the steps, just go to settings tap on account there you can see 2 step verification, just on it. 

Written by - Dhanashree

Edited by - Vijaya



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