Beat-Boxing Has Two Genre One Is Technically and the Other One Is Musicality - Harry D Cruz

Hariharan (born 23 October 1997) is popularly known by the stage name, Harry D Cruz High range Book of World record holder | TedX Speaker (7 times)

India first kazoo beat-boxer
India's finest talent to produce the sound of saxophone instrument with the use of his vocal cord, Musicality Beat-boxer, Entertainer

1. Tell us about your background and journey.

I am from an orthodox family and they don’t support all these things. I still remember asking my parents to send me to cricket coaching classes during my school days but they didn’t support. They always asked me to concentrate on studies. 

I learnt beat boxing without their knowledge, I used to bunk classes to practice it. Now, I have completed my Bachelor’s degree and my performance is receiving good response my parents are supporting me with this. This was indeed a kick start moment to his journey. 

Everybody were impressed with his new talent. Further excelling his skills of the art, he grew tall as a professional

2. How did you get into beat-boxing? What made you start and who/what are some of your biggest influences?

When I was doing my 12th grade, we had cultural fest in the college. During that time one of my seniors came up and showed beat-boxing. I was very curious and asked him more about it as I was unaware of this art form. I was very curious and browsed about it when I came back home. 

My friends and I started making random noises through our voice, people around us use to get annoyed. I started watching YouTube channels to learn beat-boxing.
I just started initially to impress girls but never thought it would be my passion at all.

3. Which is your favourite genre of music?

Beat-boxing has two genre one is technically and the other one is musicality
technically beat boxing is more of drum sounds being or producing music related to drums musicality is something related to EDM's or produce music related to a song or produce more of music sense and mostly into musicality beat-boxer that's my favourite.

4.What were the hurdles in the journey of becoming a Beatboxer before you became a professional?

Initially it was difficult for me to get opportunity to perform until I got recognised by people the process of building the environment around me to get opportunity took long time I have even performed for free cause I was more happy to be in the stage rather not looking for money in the beginning.

5. Can you tell us a bit about the current and upcoming projects? 

I would like to keep it as a secret because I am a person who would do it and then let people know about it currently no project is going on cause of covid situation awaiting for opportunities to be on the stage.

6. How can one have a career in beat-boxing?

Having a career is little difficult just with beat-boxing but if u wanna take it as a career suggestions is too take up any instrument or being a emcee

7. Your advice to young musicians 

Always be focused on what you like to do at the same time never give up on the education as well cause it is needed at one point of our life too.

8. Which is your favourite book and why?

Hmm I don't read books.

- Harry D Cruz 
Instagram @harry_d_cruz

- Interviewed by - Sanjana Jain

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