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Pragathi Joy

I was just another usual, happy-go-lucky 15 year old kid. I was the funniest among my friends and anyone around me, I would keep them happy and laughing.

1. Tell us about your background journey,  What led you to start your page on Instagram and what is it about?

In 2015, I came across this app called “Dubsmash” and oh my, I found it SO cool. I started making few videos, and I had always kept them to myself. Then I started sending them to my friends and parents and they told me that I actually act well. By 2015 end, I started posting them on my personal Instagram account which ran by my actual name. Then as I read a lot of positive comments, I made my account public and changed the username to “Praginsta”. This was the start to everything. I mean, I never wanted to become famous or get chances to act in movies or anything at all, really. I totally made these videos out of boredom.

One day as I returned home from school in early 2016, I came across my own  video being shared on some meme page on Facebook and it had over 900k views. Honestly, that made me feel extremely scared, unsafe and worried at first. I just wasn’t okay with that MANY PEOPLE seeing my face on their screens and knowing me. I messaged the meme pages who shared it and asked them to take it down immediately. But they appreciated how well I had impersonated Vadivelu sir in the video and encouraged me to do more.

But the very next day I find out that my big brother had created a Facebook page for me under the name and had also posted some of my videos. I was so mad at him. But hey, once I saw the likes, views and all the positive comments, I accepted that I was good at this and since then, I haven’t stopped doing Tamil dialogue videos. Everyone told me that Vadivelu’s dialogues were the best suited for me and that they laugh so much while watching them.

2. What type of content do you enjoy producing the most ? and what is the most challenging?

Humor, to me is hard. It is very hard to make someone laugh. I enjoy watching Vadivelu sir’s comedies. Maybe because I relate to his sense of humor on some base level. So I chose to replicate his dialogues. I did my best in replicating his expressions and emotions. I receive so many texts everyday, people telling me that I made them smile during their saddest times. That is the exact reason as to why I still continue to do what I do. It makes people happy. And the world needs more of that happiness.

Initially there wasn’t much of a challenge to make videos. But after two-three years, it became very very challenging to FIND audios. Any dialogue I come across, I would’ve already done it. I think that was the most challenging. It gets really frustrating though, when you run out of ideas or when you can’t think of one. 

3. How can someone become a successful social media influencer?

  1. Choose what you’re going to show to the world. Be clear on WHAT your talents are. 
  2. If you know you’re talented at something think of showcasing it to the people in the best creative way you can. Think as audience make content they can relate to and keep them engaged.
  3. Post everyday. Think of ways you can entertain and help your audience everyday. 
  4. Don’t be discouraged and don’t ever give up. When you don’t get the expected outcome. Don’t stop, keep posting. There is always time. To get better, to get famous, to get successful in anything. Just don’t give up midway. :)
  5. The thing you should never do while growing your page, is to compare your page with someone else who gets better reach. 

4. What is your idea of success or your mantra in life?

For me, ‘success’ is doing what you said you would do; for yourself. Success is not happiness. They are often mixed together. Earning materialistic things is not going to give you happiness. It might, but it is definitely temporary. Earn people, earn love, earn true friends who would stand by you at all times. Take care of your family if you can, if you can’t and it’s the other way around, make it easier for them. Love yourself. Do things that make you happy. In conclusion, ANYTHING that makes you happy, which doesn’t involve hurting others, do it, because being happy and being YOURSELF is the most SUCCESS you can get in life. 

5. Which is your favorite book and why? 

 “ Think like a monk “ by Jay Shetty. At first I wasn’t into reading it at all, I mean why would I want to think like a monk? I thought to myself. But hearing it changed lives for many I thought I’d give it a read. I’m saying it’s my current favorite book, because it taught me something I had to learn in life. Three things I do often. Complain. Compare. Criticize.

It had also taught me how to not cling on to temporary things as these temporary things are the ones that eventually have power over us and become sources of pain and fear.

When we ACCEPT the temporary nature of everything in our lives, we can feel grateful for the good fortune of the little time we got to borrow them.



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