8 Qualities That Make You Attractive

Attractiveness is subjective - let's start with that. What might be attractive to you might not precisely catch someone else's eye, but still, few things do make most of us, if not all, stop for a minute.

These are the things that linger on for a minute, making a person memorable, and that makes you want to revisit that person's memory. It could very well be a stranger or a person you are just getting acquainted with. So, mentioned below are a few qualities that make most of us stop in the tracks:

1. Confidence

It has been said before, and it will be repeated multiple times. "Confidence is the key to many locks," and it truly is.

You remember that one bold answer given by one of the people around you, and it made you wonder, "I was thinking the same thing," but the act of saying it out loud makes all the difference. That bold statement followed by the short silence is daunting to some of us, but it is memorable for most of us.

2. Having a Sound Value System

It is a myth that values died long ago, and only are the preachers left. The value system is still here. Whether you have set one up consciously or made one subconsciously, there are few sets of beliefs that guide your general direction of opinions and actions.

A good value system set in place makes a person attractive. In times of duress, these are the set of beliefs we return to, and they end up defining us to a great extent. Your why's end up deciding your what's.

3. Being Present

In a world full of distractions, full of typing sounds and constant notifications, it is a joy to find moments of presence. A person who is constantly scrolling through their feed while talking to you is a good recipe for a "bad conversation."

So, people who are in the moment, listening to you attentively, and engaging in an exchange of thoughts and feelings with you are the ones you remember later. You might not remember the exact conversation, but we, as humans, do tend to remember the feelings, whether they be cold or warm, later.

4. Smiling

Smiling is contagious. There is a reason why you like it when people pass an innocent smile to you; it almost always makes you want to smile back at them too.

A smile with no intent but just the exchange of the thought that you are happy and would like to share the same with others is attractive. The intent is definitely essential.

Smiles can get misinterpreted, and it should fit the context. You definitely don't want someone to smile back at your comment on some colossal tragedy. Now, that won't be attractive.

5. Being Candid

It is nice when someone is being frank with you. Sometimes, that's precisely what you need.

Contrary to popular belief, it doesn't have to be brutal. Honesty does not need brutality when the truth can stand in itself. The truth just needs to be presented.

The art of being honest while also making the other party not feel negative emotions is an art, and the ones who have mastered it, have a different kind of charm altogether.

6. Accepting Your Mistakes

Humans tend to be simple beings. When we are made to face the music, it is common for us to turn defensive or sometimes play on the offensive when the need of the hour is merely being accepting.

Just accepting you were wrong when you actually were wrong makes you attractive. A simple acknowledgment followed by ways to not let the same mistakes happen is the key to a healthy life.

7. Basic Hygiene

This needs to be said, so it made to the list. The concept of basic hygiene is crucial. These habits make you not only attractive but also ensure that you remain in good health.

You should follow a daily routine. "Treat your body like a temple" might sound funny for now, but in the long run, down the very long route many years from now, it is going to make a huge difference. 

Taking a shower, brushing your teeth, wearing good clothes, and others along the same line improve your confidence as a person and make you attractive.

8. Being Kind

Kindness is a gift that gets bigger, the more it is circulated. You do remember that one person who helped you years ago. It gives you a good feeling.

So, being kind and helpful, when you can be, is a quality that makes one attractive to others.

In the end, what makes people click in others' brains is up to the past experiences and perception of the viewer itself. Some things are universally attractive, while some are unique quirks that you fall for. It is as much of a science as it is an art. So, just be, and watch the magic unfold.

Written by – Srishti Purohit

Edited by – Sandhya R

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