Art of Conquering Inner Fear and Regaining Confidence


When I visualize life, I find that we all have desires that we seek to fulfil. We are walking down a winding road. Sometimes hope surrounds us, and at other times despair ends us. And I find that the only way out from the tortures of life is related to the extent of our faith in ourselves and our appreciation for our being.

We walk the path of life. We carry our inner beliefs along the way. We strive for happiness in every goal. However, life never seems easy! But, Suddenly; you are surrounded by despair. Anxiety dominates you; life scares you, and reality shocks you?

You stand in your place, look for your dreams, try to recover, look at your self-esteem. You think about how to reverse all of this, what must I do to change this reality. We all know how difficult these times are. When a frightening question comes to our minds. What if what others say is the truth?!

Doubt creeps into yourself, and instead of trying to go beyond it, you sit and look at the darkness behind you, and you bring back all your failures. This article is a treat for all hope seekers, and it will briefly explain magical ways to overcome our inner fears.

The Path of the Abyss - Why Fear?

  1. Our lack of belief in ourselves because someone told us that we could not do that

  2. Fear of failure and continuing to think about the times we failed

  3. Lack of internal and external moral support

You are going to the abyss, wake up! It's difficult, and it seems impossible. But one solution that can get you out of the cycle of fear is believing in yourself. Always remember you can do it!

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 Salvation From Inner Fear

1. Converting Opinions in Your Favor Instead Using Them to Eliminate You

We all know that opinions are not facts. At the moments when you believe in yourself, you feel great. And when someone comes and that feeling turns into fear. You have to know that the comment you received was a personal opinion and was not an absolute truth about you. You have to see your worth in the eyes of yourself, to please yourself, not to wait for others' approval or their praise for you. My advice to you is to learn not to let the negativity of people kill your dreams and turn them into ashes.

 2. Realizing Dreams Takes Some Time

We were not born in our twenties. Therefore, we must know that since we were born, we took many years to reach this age. Many years to talk, to walk, to finish high school, to learn a new language, and that is how we got to where we are today.

Give yourself a break. This is very important if you do not believe in yourself. You still grow, you learn, you fail, and you learn again. You just grow, you will make mistakes, and that doesn't make you a bad person or a failure. This makes you a person to grow. Last but not the least, leave the idea of ​​perfection. You have not to be right all the time. This pressure slows you down and makes you doubt yourself. Just breathe. Just be you on your journey, that is beautiful and enough.

3. Failure Is an Experience, Not an Inherent Recipe

Sometimes you will have to fail in order to learn. Therefore, it can be said that knowledge is not sufficient for success. Skill is the result of experiences and failure is the beginning of a new approach. We are not perfect. Therefore, we have to learn from failure and move forward towards one goal, which is success. 

We must have faith and courage when facing obstacles and be more flexible when we fail. Therefore, I advise you to continue to grow when you fail and to identify the causes of failure and overcome them to reach your goal ...

4. Try Over and Over Again

"Every day, try to do something you are afraid of." When we decide to try, we have two options. Success may be the most likely option. On the other hand, when we stop, we have only one option, and that is a failure.

To move the rock from its place. Always try to find the right tools for that. It is possible that the rock will move after several attempts. Fear will prevent you from trying, it will stop you from taking risks, and it will prevent you from moving forward.

Leave the fear. Face your fears one by one and tell yourself, “I see you scared, and I know that everything I want is on the other side of you. I am afraid, but I will confront you, fear, and transcend you anyway and face the consequences of my actions because I believe in myself, and I can deal with anything. ”

Don't be afraid to fail, failure is another opportunity to try again, except this time with greater wisdom. It is the best teacher and the fastest way to success. Build a healthy relationship with failure and you'll have a better relationship with your inner bravery.


Your belief in yourself will be reflected in your life. Therefore, when your self-esteem is low, it can be difficult to take care of it on your own. Sometimes you need a confidence boost from someone who believes in you. Don't be afraid to reach out and talk to someone you trust about your feelings and seek support.

One thing you should always remember is that your belief in yourself comes from you, and no one can take it away from you without your consent. You have the power to check-in, respect yourself, and ignore negativity in the pursuit of your goals.

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Written By - Mr. Hassan

Edited By - Pavas Shrigyan


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