Tsvetina Dimitrova - Our Look is a Mirror Reflecting Our Inner World (Bulgarian Model)

Tsvetina Dimitrova

The best way to cope with the high pressure from the glamour is to go back to our natural roots. It may sound like a cliche but I always recharge myself when I am in the mountain or when I walk barefoot on the beach while the wind is going through my tousled hair. 

1. Tell us about your background and journey. 

I’ve started modelling 10 years ago. Back in the days, a few photographers saw potential in my physical characteristics. In the beginning, I was a little bit shy but after some professional photo sessions, I started gaining confidence. 

I have received many invitations for various projects and naturally, I became more and more involved in modelling. 

Despite the fact that I was already working as a model, I managed to graduate 2 different universities. I have always believed that education is a key factor for personal and professional development. 

2. How did you become a model and reach this stage? 

Before modelling, I was working in an office for insurance services. I was literally drowned with documental work. 

Having the opportunity to work with some photographers and professionals in the fashion circle, made me believe that modelling is my real vocation. I’ve started developing my talent and skills with consistent daily work. 

Every day I am proving myself that with strong discipline and determination I am able to achieve my goals. 

3. What is your opinion of body image created by the media and how hard is it to put up with it? 

I’ve always believed that everyone should love themselves. We should smile in the mirror and even say some nice words: ‘You look good today’. 

If we don’t have this healthy love for ourselves we can be desperately wandering between the glory from the media and the inner instinct for natural beauty. We are witnessing how people transform by plastic surgeries mainly because of the lack of confidence. 

It is so important to feel good in our skin. We easily can lose ourselves if we always try to satisfy someone’s subjective criteria for beauty. 

We are not bodies with souls, we are souls with bodies. We are what we think. We are what we read and eat. Our look is a mirror reflecting our inner world. 

I dream for the moment when we will pay more attention to exploring the depth of our nature instead of floating on the surface. 

4. How important is social media validation in your profession? 

Back in the days, I was not so active in social networks. But the time I’ve learned that being active and consistent in the social platforms is closely related to the numbers of invitations, photo session, commercials and projects that I am involved in. 

The followers want to see our real lifestyle. They want to see what do we eat, how do we sport, what are our interests and thoughts. That’s probably because they look of a model is attractive and desirable for many people. 

Being popular in social networks brings also serious responsibility because people with artistic characters can easily become role models for a wide group of people. That’s why I deeply understand and appreciate how important is to give to my followers a positive and meaningful message. 

5. How can one take care of their mental health in this high-pressure glamorous field? 

Oh, that’s a priority. The best way to cope with the high pressure from the glamour is to go back to our natural roots. It may sound like a cliche but I always recharge myself when I am in the mountain or when I walk barefoot on the beach while the wind is going through my tousled hair. 

The glamour is just a nice experience but at the end of the day this is just a role and we have to forget about the vanity. 

Good poses and looks are so important but we also need to be able to express ideas through modelling. 

Recently I did a photo session for wedding dresses. I was a princess from a fairy tale. In order to create the best shots, I needed to believe that this is my reality. That’s what I love about modelling. 

Every subsequent project that I am involved in is totally different. This helps me to push my limits and gain more experience. I even can compare this with living several different lives. It is like reading books. 

More you read, more universes you reveal. That’s what I need and that’s what I live for. I am blessed to do what I love. 

6. What are some of your upcoming projects? 

Soon I will have a dress photo session again. This month I will shoot a commercial for a famous cosmetic brand. It is a fact that because of the pandemic situation in the world, I receive more invitations to collaborate with brands through my social networks. 

In those times my work is becoming more like an online adventure which makes me a little bit sad because I prefer face to face communication with people and I am used to working in a team. I believe that we all can go through this situation together and I hope that soon life will come back to a normal rhythm. 

Instagram ID: @tsvetinaad 

Tsvetina Dimitrova is a Bulgarian model. She was born on the 8th of April 1990 in Sofia. Tsvetina is well known for her vast experience in modeling. She has started modeling in 2010 when she was invited to participate in a few professional photo sessions and fashion review shows.

In November 2014 Tsvetina became a finalist of “Miss Universe Bulgaria” and one month later she won the special award of “Mis University Bulgaria”.

Tsvetina Dimitrova

In December 2014 Tsvetina became the official Miss Sofia. Meanwhile, Tsvetina Dimitrova managed to graduate from 2 different universities with 3 degrees: Greek philology, Journalism, and a master's degree- Public Relations.

The ability to express herself in a specific and stylish way in front of the camera lens made her attractive for many brands, magazines, and tv shows.
In 2017 Tsvetina started hosting her own tv show on national Bulgarian television - Eurocom. Tsvetina Dimitrova is currently working on her first book.

Tsvetina Dimitrova
Bulgarian Model

Interviewed By - Aditi Ashok

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