Reflection Photography: A Beautiful Artistic Work


Photography is an art of generating images through light rays using camera in a unique way. Actually photography is derived from Greek words ‘photos means light’ and ‘graphein means to draw’. There are various types of photography. This article mainly emphasise on reflection photography.

Reflection photography is a type of photography in which mirror images are created of any subject or scene along with original image using reflective surface like water, lakes, water drop or any other kind of reflective surface.

The reflection photography can make the images more creative and artistic as it gives a new life and view to a normal subject or scene. Learning reflection photography can help you to enhance your photography skills to the next level.

Successful reflection photography depends on the subject selection, skills and creative thinking of a photographer while doing reflection photography. To improve the quality of lighting in the photograph photographers can use reflected light as a source of light.

This article is containing some mesmerising collection of reflection photography of various good and talented photographers. The examples of various photographers and their beautiful photography are mentioned below.

Philippe Sainte-Laudy:

In my opinion he has mastered reflective photography. He has clicked artistic pieces. In one of the photo clicked by him, readers will see a lake at a roadside.

This photo is clicked in such a way that mirror image of the beautiful sky above the lake is forming on the surface of lake. After seeing this image readers will definitely say that this was a perfect road trip with no regrets.

In his another photo readers will observe a pond in middle of the grassland and the photo has been clicked in a way that it looks like as there is a sky above and below.


I must say she has done many experiments in reflection photography. In one of the photo clicked by her, readers will see a reflection of trees on the surface of wine glass. The photographer has enhanced the beauty of nature with her photography skills.

In another photograph readers will witness an upside down image of red rock canyon (Las Vegas) on the glass of wine. After seeing this photo readers will definitely plan a trip to red rock canyon. She has done an intellectual, artistic and healthy use of a glass of wine.

Antti-Jussi Liikala:

In his work he has shown the beauty of the real city Joensuu Finland. He has captured the mesmerizing night view of the city mixed with its reflection taken with the help of a water body. Readers must see this mind blowing art.

Francois Raimbaud:

He has an ability to use the nature in an attractive way in his photography. In one of his photographs, readers will see a beach above which dark clouds are covering the sun.

The sunlight coming from behind the clouds are touching the surface of the water in such a way that it looks like the stars have come on the surface of the beach to increase the grace of the beach.

Vedd edd:

He has captured an attractive Wawasan Bridge in Malaysia. In this photo readers will see a night view of the bridge and it looks like there are two bridges one over the river and one in the river which is upside down.

Julio Velasco:

She is the best nature photographer in my point of view. She enhances her photos with reflection photography. In one of her photo she has captured a chameleon who is drinking water and the photo looks like as the clones of chameleon are talking to each other.

Xhengis Aliu:

He captured the cloud gate (a metallic sculpture in Millennium Park, Chicago) in such a way that the reflection of the park can be seen on the sculpture clearly. It is a nice view of the Millennium Park. This is the two in one photo.


In the photo captured by Chiara, readers will witness a reflection of a person holding an umbrella. The useless water on the road has been used in a very intellectual and creative way.

Julio Salinas:

He has captured a photo of Changa Beach in Coquimbo. When the readers will see the photo, they will observe the beautiful reflection of sunlight on the surface of beach which is a real beauty of this photo.

Lynnette Henderson:

The photographer has used the metallic sphere and placed in the forest in such a way that the attractive reflection of the surrounding is formed on the sphere. The reflection is so real that a bird is attracted by the greenery of the reflection. Readers will like the photo.

Nejdet Duzen:

He has captured a scene of a beach where some birds are swimming below the blue sky. Readers will also witness the beautiful reflection of sky on water surface as it looks like birds are swimming on the sky not on water. It is a mesmerizing picture of nature.

In his another piece of art readers will witness a bridge on the bank of river and due to the reflection of water on the water surface as it looks like bridge is made over the sky.

Maureen Goninan:

In one of the photo clicked by him, readers will witness the brilliant photography skills of the photographer. The photo contains a beach and the reflection of sky on the water and it looks like the sky came on the ground.


in a photo captured by him, readers will observe a feather on the sea shore with its reflection on the water surface. The photography skills of the photographer made the photo of an ordinary feather attractive.


Written by – Bhavana Thakur


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