List of Famous Race Events in India

Have you ever got bored of entering normal race events? Have you ever wondered, ‘what if there was something different I could do?’ Well, there is something that you will enjoy a lot. Something that's crazy and new!

I will try to cover all the interesting events I have seen and heard in India. Here are my top five alternative running events that are guaranteed to keep you fit and interested like never before.

1. The Lemon and Spoon Race

In India, it is one of the most interesting games played in schools as an activity. The annual event has been running for more than fifty years and is held in many places all over the country. 

Moreover, this is the one of the most entertaining games but it is not widely famous because it is usually played in small town. Practically, anyone from anywhere in the India is more than welcome to participate and enjoy.

The race involves participants running one mile whilst carrying a Lemon on spoon in their mouth. Race continues across the whole day and there are even cash prizes for the top Players at some places.

The event is also played by families because of its friendly nature, with children’s races and youth races and older races separated by age category. Not bad for something that started as a drunken bet, it’s all about focus and balancing.

2. Streak For Tigers

Another India Based event, streak for tigers is a charity event. As you might have imagined how interesting it can be from the name, here, runners wear a tiger mask supplied by the zoo and they run a small distance of 350 meters.

The race is organized in order to raise money for tiger preservation and to advertise the importance of saving tigers. Fortunately for the participants, the event is usually held in the March month, and there’s plenty of blankets waiting for everyone at the finish line for all the participants.

Many are awarded with batch and certificate too.

3. Wife-Carrying Race

Furthermore, this is one of the most entertaining couple games. Our third entry for bizarre alternative running events is wife carrying races by their husbands.

The aim of the game is to put your partner on your shoulders and run 250 meters and it is the most played game in Uttar Pradesh. People from different areas participate and many come to visit the event as well.

However, it is an international game in India and it is known as 'Bhaaryaasametham' in India. There are even official rules. Firstly, ‘Wife must be at least 50kg’. Secondly, ‘Track has two dry obstacles and one water obstacle’. Thirdly, ‘Everyone must have fun'.

Winners of these type of event usually win the wife’s weight in some sort of alcoholic beverage, but there are also prizes for best costume, most entertaining couple and strongest carrier. 

4. The Color Run

The fourth most captivating events is color run game. The color run is a multicultural minimum 3 kilometer race in which participants get coated in multi-colored flower powdered every kilometer.

The event claims to be the ‘Holi colors Race Events’ and isn’t even officially timed, so definitely not a race for serious or competitive runners. It's just for enjoyment.

Fortunately, event organizers are gifting T-shirts so that we can wear them and enjoy with fullest. The intention to give a gift by organizers is to wear and play with the Holi colors.

Simply pop ‘The Color Run’ into google and you’ll find something in your area. What’s more, every event is run in partnership with both local and national charities to raise money for good causes.

5. The Hunt

Our last event takes us to Delhi in India, where a one of kind race sees participants hunted by none other than ‘The Terminator’ and ‘The Predator!’

This is simple game played mostly everywhere. But playing professional like events is in Delhi. Day-by-day this event is seen to expand to globe level.

Written by - Vinayak Mehta

Edited by - Sandhya R