How do Prince Harry and Megan Make Money Now?


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Britain’s Prince Harry’s and Meghan Markle’s interview with American anchor, Oprah Winfrey on her TV talk show has created a sensation around the world. The talk-show has exposed the conflicts within the royal family. Meghan was having a troublesome family life at Buckingham palace from a long time. The couple left the palace and the royal family owing to certain disagreements within the family. They first moved to Canada before moving to California, her hometown in the U.S. while Prince Harry would continue serving the crown and the parliament on the condition of a distant home away from the Palace and its rigid rules and regulations.

In the interview, Harry revealed that his financial needs were being met by with money inherited from his mother, Princess Diana.

However, how much inheritance has been passed on?

Will the inheritance be enough to sustain the detached royals in a major state like California?

Many such speculations have been making the rounds all over the world, and there does seem to have been some clarity on the worth of the inheritance that Princess Diana left her son with.

According to the investigation by international media, Prince Harry seems to have inherited 10 million pounds from his mother. Diana allocated 8.9 million to Prince Harry's name and over the years an interest on it has accumulated to 10 million pounds in addition to the income for various other sources and royalties. Princess Diana also left 9.9 million pounds in the name of her eldest son, Prince William.

Princess Diana’s Divorce Alimony

Diana was married in 1981 to Prince Charles, the eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II, born into an aristocratic family OF Britain, she married Prince Charles and became a member of the British Royal family. Prince William and Prince Harry was born to mark the marriage. But, the marital life of the Diana couple was not all so lovely. Conflicts arouse time and again leading to a divorce in 1996.

In this context, an agreement was made which provided 17 million pounds as alimony to Diana and 4 million per year as living allowance.

However, she died in a car accident in 1997, the year after her divorce. Diana hid the money from the alimony in the name of her two children. Arrangements had been made for the interest to accumulate on the money and distributed between her children when due.

The inheritance was finally due to the 36-year-old, Prince Harry. It has and will play a major role in his sustenance in the US especially after the Royal’s have cut him off financially.

Meghan’s Lucrative Career

Prior to her marriage with Prince Harry, Meghan starred in several TV serials and movies.

Meghan received $50,000 per episode in a series called Suites. Also, as a publicist for several brands, she earns $80,000 a year. Currently her property is valued at nearly $2million. The couple recently bought a luxury home in California for $14.65 million. In addition, Harry and Meghan have signed million-dollar deals with online streaming platforms Netflix and Spotify.

The show begins with a clarification of how the couple wasn’t paid for the interview with Oprah. The show gives Prince Harry a platform to elaborate on his problematic life and how he was cut-off financially by the Royal Family and Crown. The no longer “Working Royals” seemed to have been devasted with the financial crunch, looks like the show is aimed at drawing pity for the couple, when in reality they have more than enough to satisfy not only their needs but every other greed.


Written By- Keerthana Bharadwaj

Edited By- Tushna Choksey


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