Is That True That Witches Hexed the Moon?

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Witches, what do we mean by a witch? What they can do? How they become witches?

How they got magical powers? What do we mean, hexing? How witches hex? and so on. There are so many questions, when we talk about witches, their magical powers and hexing.

What do we mean by a Witch?

We had heard many fables in which the negative roles were mostly played by witches. A witch is a woman, usually an old woman, who has evil magical powers,
especially black magic which brings great misfortune. These witches follow
the strong belief of challenging religious and social conventions, strong feelings for nature and engage in colorful rituals.

What is Hex and Why does Witches use it?

The term hex is derived from the German word "hexe". A hex is a magic spell or
negative spell or charm intended to do harm to a living or non- living thing. If a witch or a wizard hexes someone, they put a hex on them, a negative spell to practice witchcraft or being bewitched. It brings bad luck to the person or to the thing.

Bewitching the moon!

The rumor, which started circulating on "WitchTok" (the community of witches
on TikTok) is that these baby witches first hexed the fae. The fae, is called the
fair folk, these are magical creatures seen in folklore from many cultures. Now there were four baby witches going to hex the moon. It started from a tweet by a user @heyyadoraa, which has more than 37,000 retweets.

In a lengthy thread, the Twitter user claimed that, as a result of the hexes, the
mythological lunar goddess Artemis is angry and her brother Apollo will defend
her through and through. Being that Apollo is the god of medicine and healing, this may prolong the pandemic.

Who are Baby Witches?

A baby witch, in the community, is a typically young witch who is new to the practice and, either out of ignorance or inexperience or both, has no idea what
they're doing. Their experiences are comparatively lower than the old witches and they always head up to do something impossible in reality.

Is it possible to Hex the Moon?

It’s quite impossible to use magic, to assault any celestial body like moon, sun or
any other planets. It’s because witches, use these cosmic energies within
their practices.

Christine O’Day, who is been a magic practitioner for more than 30 years states
that “hexing the moon is pointless because as witches we align with the moon’s
energies to enhance their magic. Therefore, it’s energy will be wasted rather than used for productive working” and she said that she have never heard of a witch hexing part of their own magical tool box.

Regarding, hexing the moon, well, that’s probably cannot be done. It is
just doesn’t add up that we could use human spells on them which includes moon, sun and other planets and they does not function by human rules. How the functions of sun, moon, earth and other planets were started is still a big question in scientific world.

Written By - Reshma Madhini

Edited By - Vanshu Verma

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