An Honest Review Of the Movie: 'Extraction' - Abundant Action Superseding Fun


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Quicky-Quick Credits

Movie’s Name - Extraction

Written By - Joe Russo

Directed By - Sam Hargrave

Genre - Action

Rating - R ( for violence, drug-use, language)

Running Time - 1 hour 56 min

Cast - Chris Hemsworth as ‘Tyler Rake’, Pankaj Tripathi as ‘Ovi Mahajan Sr’, Randeep Hooda as ‘Saju’, Priyanshu Painyuli as ‘Amir Asif’, David Harbour as ‘Gasper’, Golshifteh Farahani as ‘Nik Khan’, Rudhraksh Jaiswal as ‘Ovi Mahajan’

Synopsis - Spoiler alert!

Ovi Mahajan, the son of an imprisoned Indian drug lord, sneaks out of his house after a day at school to visit a bar, where he is abducted by police officers working for rival drug lord Amir Asif. Ovi's defender, Saju Rav, a former para (SF) operator.

Tyler Rake, a former SASR operator, and black-market mercenary are hired by fellow mercenary Nik Khan to rescue Ovi from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Rake and Khan's team are preparing to extract Ovi, with his father's men promising to compensate them once Ovi is found. 

Rake saves Ovi, kills his captors, and transports him to the extraction site, but his father's men fail to move the funds on purpose. Instead, Saju assassinates Rake's teammates and attempts to assassinate Rake so that he can save Ovi himself.

Khan arranges for Rake to be taken outside of the city by helicopter and advises him to leave Ovi because the contract has been voided. Rake fights off a group of boys led by Farhad, a young criminal eager to impress Asif, after fleeing Saju and the crooked police and tactical units on Asif's payroll. 

Asif has put a $10 million bounty on Ovi, which Gaspar promises to share if Rake agrees to let him kill him. Rake refuses and fights Gaspar, who eventually wins the battle but is fatally shot by Ovi with his weapons.

Rake calls Saju and asks for his assistance, pushing them to work together to get out of Dhaka. As a disguised Saju and Ovi pass through a bridge checkpoint, Rake draws attention away from them, then follows to cover their escape. 

Asif watches from afar with binoculars as Khan and her remaining mercenaries approach from the opposite side of the bridge. Saju is sniped by Rashid, who is then sniped by Khan in the ensuing firefight. 

Rake, who is injured, tells Ovi to run to Khan's waiting helicopter. As a badly injured Rake pursues, he is shot in the neck by Farhad and falls into the water, seeing Ovi is safe. Ovi, Khan, and the rest of the extraction team make their way to Mumbai and safety.

About the Movie

A one-man army, fully equipped and ready to fight. A young boy was kidnapped and held captive for a large ransom. Hundreds of men wielding machine guns. A rescue mission that takes a wrong turn. Every time you blink, the body count increases. 

No, nothing you've never seen before. A lot of Extraction is a Netflix original action film that was cobbled together from bits and pieces of other films.

The rat-a-tat-tat speed keeps you watching when things get hot and heavy, but also, ironically, when the characters slow down to catch their breath and share a few lines.

Hemsworth, wielding his trademark Thor hammer, gets down and dirty in this film, which is set primarily in the seedier parts of Dhaka and Mumbai. Tyler Rake, his mercenary, is looking for salvation, his hair mussed, eyes creased, and weighted down by a tragic past.

And it takes the form of rescuing fourteen-year-old Ovi Mahajan (Jaiswal), the son of a drug lord imprisoned (Tripathi), from ruthless gang boss Asif (Painyuli).

The Snapshot Section

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Their chemistry is not less than a father-son relationship.

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The action scenes are really capable of sticking your eye-balls to the screen.

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Now this is really an eye-pleasing scene in the whole movie and the only peaceful one.

Psychological Analysis

There's a little bit of emo in there. While on the run, Jake and Ovi take the opportunity to share some personal information about themselves: the former about his ongoing grief over the loss of loved ones, the latter about his dry, lonely life in a gilded palace.

The beautiful Golshifteh, who arrives as the rescue mission boss brimming with fancy devices, obviously has a soft spot for the wasted Jake, so why don't they get a tender moment to themselves? I wanted to see more of this star, who has so much potential.

That's because, well, this is a guy's movie, with a slew of good-bad, good-but-greedy, and completely bad guys shooting people, cutting throats, and murdering anyone who gets in their way (in one scene, a very young child is dispatched with frightening speed).

There's a lot of blood, a lot of violence, and a lot of clunkiness on show, so this isn't a movie you can watch on your TV; stereophonic, surround sound is needed.

Igniting Quotes from ‘Extraction’

  1. “You drown not by falling into the river, but by staying submerged in it.”

  1. “No matter how bada** you think you are, there is always a bada** bigger than you.”

  1. “Pay attention and learn. That is how you survive. You need to be smart and clever.”

The Bottom Line 

‘Extraction’ is a movie that will be really eye-pleasing to you if you are fond of movies that have a lot of action sequels within the story. The movie is capable of filling you with thrill, excitement, adventure and enthusiasm.

If you’re an action lover and Thor’s die-hard fan that this will prove to be a treat for you and you must watch it right away.

Review of the movie in one sentence

A big bang of immense action packed up in just 116 minutes.

My Ratings for the movie - 4/5

Written By - Palak Chauhan

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