Priscilla Pugliese - We Need To Study All The Time And Study Hard As Each Character is Different And Always Believe In Yourself (Actress, Brazil)

Everything we do depends on the fans, the people who watch and publicize our work. Everything is from the internet and media. I think we depend on and are held hostage by the media. It's our audience. We need our social networks and internet to publicize our work.

1. Tell us about your background and journey.

I have a degree in theater and I have been building my career for 6 years. I created my own production company and started working independently, creating, writing scripts, producing and acting. We produced our own web series and at the same time we acted.

Today we are already able to count on a team to help in the production. I starred in web series that today are great successes around the world and I am very happy and grateful for all the affection.

2. Have you ever thought or dreamed of being an actor?

When I was little I always dreamed of doing architecture. I always liked drawings and constructions. I remember that at some point in my life when I was very young, there would be a test for Chiquititas Brasil and my dream was to take this test.

I don't know if a child already lived there wanting to be an actress or if it was more a curiosity for liking the novel very much. I have this very strong memory of wanting to do this test very much. After that I continued wanting architecture and that of being an actress came after I danced for some children in an orphanage and fell in love with the stage.

3. How can someone have the confidence and conviction to become an actor?

Being an actor is always a dubious thing when we don't have friends and relatives who are in the middle. I remember asking a similar question to an idol when I was still taking the course. I asked her what tip she could give to someone who wanted to be an actress like her.

She replied that if she did, why couldn't I? She said that we need to study a lot and used a phrase from Walt Disney, which marked me a lot: "If you can dream, you can achieve". What I can say is that it is not easy, it is a life like any other profession.

We need to study all the time, each character is completely different. If you want to be an actor, it's not impossible, but you have to believe in yourself and study, study hard.

4. What would you be doing, if not an actor?

As I said, my dream has always been to be an architect, but today I don't see myself anywhere other than the art of cinema. I need art, I need to breathe, consume, have lunch and dinner art. Today I don't see myself in any profession other than the one I'm in.

5. How can someone take care of their mental health in this glamorous, high-pressure field?

Ah! This is something I wonder about all the time and I have no property to talk about. I think the actor, like anyone else, needs a psychologist that he can talk to. It is something that I don't have and I wonder all the time why I don't have it. It is a world that takes you in the clouds and at the same time takes you to the hole.

We need to have someone to talk to. Thanks to God until today I never went through anything so radical, my family leaves me with the foot in the ground and my friends are always with me. We need a professional by our side all the time, we cannot handle everything alone. We do need help.

6. How important is social media validation in your profession?

Everything we do depends on the fans, the people who watch and publicize our work. Everything is from the internet and media. I think we depend on and are held hostage by the media. It's our audience. We need our social networks and internet to publicize our work.

7. What is your success mantra?

The phrase that Eiza González said to me, "If you can dream, you can achieve" is my phrase. If there's something I really want, I'll go after it until I realize it. I'll follow until it happens. I think the most important thing is not to go over anyone and never give up.

8. What are some of your future plans?

I want my company, together with my partners, to be able to continue producing the way we like to produce. May he always carry messages to people, being spokespeople, giving space to topics that we don't see talking about elsewhere. I want to continue representing people.

9. Which is your favorite book and why?

I have a life project on YouTube where I read books. The next one I'm going to read is "The Last Song". It is a very important book and one that marked my childhood. It reminds me a lot of the relationship with my father.

To this day, I think I could have enjoyed my time with him more. It reminds me of the affection I have for my father and I didn't realize it. It marked my life a lot. I have this connection in relation to the history of the book with my life.


Priscilla Pugliese

International success. The actress, businesswoman and producer Priscilla Pugliese, became known worldwide after starring in successful web series on youtube, such as “The Best Friend of the Bride” and “The Stripper”. In addition to acting with outstanding characters, she has also scripted and directed other plots within Ponto Ação Produções, an independent audiovisual producer in which she is a partner. And recently he released a totally fictional romance book.

“Between Two Lines” was the first project of the producer and starring Priscilla, who then starred in “The Best Friend of the Bride”, a series that further leveraged her career, winning fans across the national and international territory and reaching countries such as Mexico, Argentina, the United States, Canada, Chile, among others. The plot became the most watched LGBTQ + independent web series in Latin America, accumulating more than 41 million views in the episodes.

Twitter: pripugliese
Instagram: priscillapugliese

Interviewed by Pearlina Marie Rein K

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