All You Need to Know About the Crisis in Lakshadweep


Lakshadweep Island is a group of 36 islands which is known for its heavenly beauty in the Laccadive Sea off the coast of Kerala.This group of island is truly India's precious gems.

The area is well known for its level of biodiversity wildlife and nature that can be seen here and cannot be found anywhere in India.

Lakshadweep and Andaman Nicobar Islands are truly blessed with nature. The Lush green trees and enchanting Blue water makes this Island a perfect place to relax and calm. In the lap of coral reef and ocean this green Island which had been a center of attraction to tourist.But presently this Island is now in danger.

You would be astonished but it is true that this land is now in dire need hotspot to preserve the serenity of the area but what are the dangers to this land?

To understand the danger first of all we have to understand the politics of the area.

Politics of Lakshadweep

Lakshadweep is the smallest territory that does not have a legislative assembly or chief minister. The entire political framework of Lakshadweep revolves around three levels only.

First there is an MP in Lok Sabha from Lakshadweep secondly there are local self-government in Lakshadweep in the form of panchayats. Third there is an administrator appointed by the president

This administrator is responsible for governance of the entire Lakshadweep Island. 20-20 the administrator of Lakshadweep was Dineshwar Sharma who was an IPS officer.

Moreover the post of administrator was always handled by a well-educated IAS or IPS officer. So it was generally a position given to bureaucrats.

Praful K. Patel

But on 4 December 2020 dineshwar Sharma part away. After that instead of an IAS or IPS a politician was appointed as the administrator of  Lakshadweep and this politician is Prafulkhoda Patel.

Praful K Patel is one of the most controversial politicians in India. This great personality has been alleged in several cases. From Protest in Daman and Diu to MP Mohan Delkar suicide, this politician has booked his role in many such cases.

Praful K Patel is the administrator of not only Dadar and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu but also of Lakshadweep.

Changes in Lakshadweep

Panchayat in the area of Lakshadweep is considered as the base of political system in the area. But as Praful K Patel came in power he snatched away the power of the panchayat from five different areas the five areas were education healthcare agriculture animal husbandry and fisheries.

Second new Panchayat regulation work proposed that people with more than two children would now be ineligible to contest election in Lakshadweep. According to locals the government is doing this so that prominent politicians can be stopped from running in the elections of Lakshadweep.

Covid-19 Spread on Island

Local alleged that Praful K Patel has spread Covid-19 on their Island. Last year when country was going through the first wave there was not a single case of corona virus on the Island. The reason behind this was stringent standard operating procedure.

As per this procedures mandatory testing and strict Quarantine was alleged on the visitor.

When Praful K Patel became the administrator he changed the rules. The new guidelines stated that one needed only a negative RT-PCR test enters the Islands. Due to these rules the first case of Covid-19 was seen in January 2021. 

Presently the island is suffering brutally due to this pandemic there are more than 6000 cases out of which more than 20 have lost their lives.

Anti-Goonda Act

Normally if the police catch someone doing anything wrong they arrest the people. The person has a trial in the court decides if the person is guilty or not.

The new laws have been introduced in Lakshadweep which is called the prevention of antisocial activities for the Anti-Goonda Act. Basically it allows the detention of any person without public disclosure for up to one year.

Crime rate of Lakshadweep is lowest in entire country yet is there any need of such law? The laws are also anti-democratic. According to locals this law is made by Praful Patel to jail those people who would criticize his decision or protest against him.

Lakshadweep Development Authority

Fifth is a new Lakshadweep development authority was created. I.t is being said that it will become easier to sell Lakshadweep land to big corporate and lead a drastic impact on the biodiversity and aqua life of the area.

Moreover a video of fisher also got viral who told that on the name of development how Praful Patel has demolished the houses of fishers.

In defense of all these laws Praful Patel says that he want to develop a smart city on Lakshadweep.


Liquor Unban

Under the leadership of Praful Patel liquor has also been made legal in thus area. Earlier there was only bar but now as per the rules by Praful, liquor is going to be legal on this island.

The decision to ban alcohol in the islands was taken by the government of India to preserve its culture. Its fragile ecosystem too would probably get affected with the ban being lifted and drinking could increase the risk of health issues.

A high chance of domestic violence against women because of the open distribution of liquor should also be looked upon in a male prioritized society like Lakshadweep.

But do you feel that is there any need of such laws in the area which has high literacy rate and low crime ratio?Lakshadweep Island is a world of on it's on.We all have to protect this this gem of India to be captured into the vicious circle of poor policies and bad judgments.

Lakshadweep Island have always been prosperous and is in no need of any major change so instead of implementing such useless laws the government  should work on protection of biodiversity of island. Moreover to safeguard the democracy and serenity of this land we have to take steps and raise up voice.

Written by – Ashwin Karle

Edited by – Adrija Saha

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