Top 5 Podcasts to Know Better About NFTs

Non-Fungible Token, commonly called NFT is a very common topic of discussion nowadays. But, where there is discussion, there is confusion as well. When we talk about NFTs with a group of people, we get a lot of perspectives and all of them are different. Then there lies the confusion on what to believe and what not.

The only solution to this issue is the clarity of thoughts. You need to get the right knowledge about the topic. And how are you going to get that? There can be no other way better than someone telling you every basic thing about NFTs. And that’s the motive of this article.

No, I am not going to tell you the basics of NFT but I am going to share some podcasts you can refer to know about NFTs.

Those days are gone when we used to stick to radio, TV or newspapers for everything. Now is the time when we can get all our information through podcasts. And the best thing is we can listen to them anytime/anywhere.

5 Podcasts You must listen to if you want to stay updated about every basic detail of NFTs.

Delphi Digital

Through Delphi Digital, we can get information about different aspects of the digital space through their in-house experts. It is one of the leading podcasts to learn about finance and investment in the NFT space.

Here you can listen to NFT gaming, metaverse etc. They include very different kinds of topics and give meaningful advice as well. They have featured a number of financing experts such as Mike Novogratz, Mark Cuban, Nick Emmons etc.


The NonFunGerbils are digitally scarce gerbils - non-fungible NonFunGerbil tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. In 2019, it was started as the first podcast about NFTs. Hosted by Luke and George, the podcast involves a creator, founder or an NFT wizard who is solely involved in NFTs.
Famous artists such as creators of Sommium Space and Paris Hilton are some of the celebrities featured in their podcasts. The NonFunGerbils Podcast explores the world of non-fungible assets and the growing decentralised economy. They tend to cover everything about NFTs like gaming, art, functionality, identity and decentralisation.
The Nifty Show
The Nifty Show is your weekly resource to learn about upcoming NFT releases and case studies by companies that are using and creating these tokens. The hosts of the podcast are Joel Comm, who is the New York Times bestselling author and a business enthusiast and Travis Wright who is a top marketing technologist and an author.
Both of them are also the creators of the popular The Bad Crypto Podcast. The Nifty Show is solely dedicated to the NFT talk only. In the mid-2020, the show started and it has already hosted some of the top pioneers of the NFT space.
The show is quite informative, interactive, funny and entertaining as well. They cover almost everything from NFT basics to sports collectables, blockchain heroes and crypto kitties.
Zima Red
By one of the most prominent members of the NFT community- Andrew Steinwold, Zima Red is a top-rated podcast which particularly deals with NFTs, blockchain gaming crypto art and metaverse.
Here, they keep you updated with everything going around in the world considering NFTs. If you want to keep up with every new release and overview of NFT space, you can go for this podcast. They also maintain a weekly blog discussing what they discussed in the podcast.
Digitally Rare
Hosted by Matt Condon and Jonathan Mann, Digitally Rare is one of the most casual yet informative NFT podcasts. Jonathan Mann is already a famous person on Twitter for posting one song daily for twelve years.
And currently, his area of interest is crypto and NFT. He takes the topics in a very comic way which makes his shows more entertaining. In the podcast, the hosts explore what it means to own blockchain and beyond.
So, here completes a list of the best five podcasts which deal with NFTs. To have a piece of good knowledge, it is important to follow good guidance. Hence, instead of searching and watching random people on the internet, follow the podcasts mentioned above and believe me whether you have an interest in NFT or not, you will learn various things.
Written By: Nidhi Jha





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