7 Inspiring Lessons Taught By Rancho In 3 Idiots - Unveiling the Wisdom of 3 Idiots

This movie is such a good movie to decide your passion or show you a glimpse of how college life works. 

The film characters and its 7 life lessons are for all those peoples who are afraid to live their life fully. It was released back in 2009 and literally took every students heart.

1. Phobia Of Meeting People

You may also face the same condition like Rancho when you go to some new place or meet some new Peoples. This is called as "NEOPHOBIA" which means fear of anything new. 

As soon as person begins to fear he starts losing everything. Fear is the greatest enemy of your self-confidence. So, never get scared of new places or meeting new peoples. Until you can’t  leave your comfort zone. 

You will keep suffering from such phobia and distant yourself from people or get scared to explore new places. Rancho was straight forward, humble and confident person. He set his own rules, broke them to only create new ones.

2. Life Is Not A Race

Virus(Rancho’s principal) is absolutely right, in today's competitive world if you don't run fast you will lose. 

The 2nd winner of race is never ever remembered by the world but the question arise here is while trying to be 1st in race aren't we lagging behind in the basic knowledge? 

Education is basically for learning and not to get good marks. You should be competitive in the race but at the same time you should enjoy it also without forgetting the aim of running. If you chase after excellence, success will chase after you

Never study to be successful, study for self-efficiency. Don’t run behind success. Follow behind excellence, success will come all way behind you.”

3. Don't Quit

In India, everyday approximately 70% students attempt suicide due to exam pressure. You have to face many hurdles in order to become successful in anything that’s why from 100% only 75% are successful. 

Try to overcome it you should play with challenges not with your life. Otherwise, world will declare it as death or suicide while it is a murder due to pressure. 

Many great personalities have started their journey as a failure. Don’t give up.

4. Keep Learning New Things

To achieve anything in life you must be excited to learn new things Science, commerce, arts whichever stream it is education and knowledge never gets wasted. 

Be a 'well educated' person not a 'well trained'. Whenever any teacher use to remove Rancho from the class he use to go in some other class and said never stop learning no matter what it is. 

Learning is every where to just need to grab and grow in it.

5. Choose Between Excellence Or Success

Here, Rancho teaches a very best thing to Raju that you must take education with the intention of increasing your knowledge. 

If we want to be succeeded in anything you have to be excellent in it. Warren Buffett is a successful investor today because he is excellent in investing. 

M.S. Dhoni is a successful captain today because he is excellent in his game and knows to guide his team well. Chase excellence, success will automatically follow.

 6. Avoid Cramming

Parrot is the only bird who once learned and then start cramming it. Today's student are in the same situation. 

They learn less and do cramming more. Cramming can give you 100 marks but you won’t remember whatever you have learned. 

You want world should label you as Intelligent person not as "cramming parrot". 

So, stop cramming and start understanding. Don't make your life a pressure cooker Focus on your 'present' to make your 'future' bright .

Your attitude and behaviour in life can make you either Chattur Chamtkari or baba Ranchor das. 

Written By: Nylisha Cruz