How Artificial Intelligence Shaping the Future? - Unleashing the Potential of AI

 “Artificial Intelligence is the future and the future is here.” -Dave Waters 

Artificial intelligence has been the talk of the town for quite a while  now but did you know, it was found way back in the 1950’s when  scientists, mathematicians and philosophers embarked on the quest  to find an answer to the question “Can machines think?” 

How Artificial Intelligence Shaping the Future

It was John McCarthy who coined the term artificial intelligence, for  the very first time. From that point onwards, there was no turning  back, research and development thrived in the field of artificial  intelligence. 

What exactly is artificial intelligence ? 

By now you might be curious to know its true meaning. In simple  terms, artificial intelligence refers to the ability of a computer or a  computer-controlled machine to perform human-like intelligence  processes like learning, thinking and problem-solving.

This human like intelligence is achieved by providing specific data to the  machine and making it react accordingly to different situations. Artificial Intelligence encompasses technologies like pattern  recognition, machine learning, big data analyses, self algorithms etc. 

Does this mean that artificial intelligence can replace human  intelligence? 

No, artificial intelligence is a tool that enhances and facilitates  human intelligence rather than completely replacing it. It enables  humans to focus on other important tasks.

Human beings possess  emotional intelligence, abstract thinking and cognitive processes  which are solely unique to humans. On the other hand, artificial intelligence is well-versed in repetitive  tasks, acquiring data and reacting solely on that basis. 

Applications of Artificial Intelligence 

You might be familiar with SIRI, Alexa and chatbots these are some  examples of artificial intelligence which we all use in our day-to-day  life. Further, artificial intelligence is transcending into multiple areas  such as healthcare, automobile industry, finance, education etc. 

AI in healthcare 

With the help of machine learning and big data analytics, artificial  intelligence helps doctors and researchers to make faster, accurate  and personalized diagnoses and treatment. 

AI in automobile industry

Partial automation of cars has been done for instance ability to self park, features that help drivers stay in their lane. However, shortly,  we may witness fully automated and self-drive cars take up the  roads. 

AI in education 

Artificial Intelligence can be used to provide personalized learning  and real time doubt-solving as well as mistake correction for  students. 

AI in finance 

Artificial Intelligence helps in customer protection from fraud and  better decision-making by analyzing large amount of data. 

Way forward 

Artificial intelligence brings automation into our life. It may lead to  an increase in unemployment but the way out of this unemployment  trap lies in developing adequate skills and knowledge of artificial  intelligence.

Artificial intelligence has made and will make life easier but it is important to maintain a controlled use of it because as  philosophers say “Excess of something is bad” and so is excessive  penetration of artificial intelligence in our day-to-day life.

Written By- Narayani Sharma

Edited By- Akshita