Criminal Procedure Code - Law

Criminal Procedure Code - Law

Criminal Procedure Code - Steps:
  1. FIR
  2. Arrest and/or bail
  3. Charge
  4. Cognizance
  5. Trial 
  6. Discharge or Acquittal or Conviction
  • FIR: An FIR is the first information report given to the police.
  • Arrest: The term 'arrest' of an individual indicates that he is deprived of his personal liberty so that he becomes available during the trial of any offence to which such person is associated.
  • Bail: Bail means to procure the release of a person from legal custody by undertaking that he shall appear at the time and place designated and submit himself to the jurisdiction and judgment of the court.
  • Anticipatory Bail: Section 438 of the Criminal Procedure Code empowers the high courts and the courts of session to grant anticipatory bail i.e. a direction to release a person on bail issued even before the person is arrested.
  • Charge: A charge is the précis formulation of the specific accusation made against a person, who is entitled to know its nature at the earliest stage. According to Section 2 (b), Cr.P.C., 'Charge' includes any head of charge when the charge contains more heads than one.
  • Cognizance: Taking the judicial knowledge of the charge framed against the accused is known as cognizance.
  • Trial: It is the process of trying the accused to bring the crime to the logical conclusion resulting into conviction or acquittal.
  • Conviction: Conviction is the award of punishment and/or penalty on the accused.
  • Acquittal: Setting free the accused from all the acquisitions giving him/her the benefit of doubt.
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