3 internships every college student must do

“College life is easy and all about having fun” is a myth that is infused in the minds of students to motivate them to give good final or board examinations in their last year at school. This stereotyped and narrow notion is what overwhelms most students when they begin their college life as they realize a good college experience demands a lot.

College life is a terrain of new opportunities and new experiences in the life of students who for the first time step out from the comforts of school into the real fast-moving world. It is a time when students need to look beyond their academics and focus on their overall personality development to prepare themselves for the corporate world.

Personality development comes from building new connections, having good interactions and engaging in new experiences. In this sense, internships are ideal opportunities which every student must grab in their college life. An internship experience teaches students soft skills like time management, leadership, punctuality along with training them in their specialised field of work. This grooms them into a professional being with an attractive resume.

However, colleges today are a hub of such opportunities which perplexes students and they end up picking up the wrong opportunity or not picking up one at all. It is crucial for students to know what they are applying for, which values they are going to inculcate and what work they are going to do before picking an ideal choice.

Here are the three ideal internship opportunities which every college student must strive to grab:-

1) Eat My News -  It is a student-run community driven media platform that endeavours to make the world more inspired, informed and intelligent. It enrols students in their Board of Young Leaders Program (BOYL) where they get the opportunity to attend their Youth Leadership Conference which trains them in Personality Growth, Soft-Skill development and General Awareness. After the conference, students directly become the members of the organization and get to work in the department of their choice namely Content Writing, Human Resource & Talent Management, Marketing, Online Reputation Management, Social Media Marketing, YouTube Content Creation and Global/Community Expansion.

Eat My News has a national as well as an International reach which gives their students plethora of exposure and contacts that makes their experience highly productive. Moreover, the effective and efficient students are also offered leadership opportunities which nurtures their leadership, team-management and communication skills. This organization focuses on holistic development of their students by offering them a journey full of ups and downs, leadership experiences and extensive training in their desired field of work.

This global youth community does not believe in pressuring students into doing tiresome work for 24X7. Rather, they give flexible work timings that are easily manageable alongside colleges. They also provide certificates and letters of recommendation to good performers. You can apply to Eat My News by filling up this form: bit.ly/boardofyoungleaders

2) MindGrad- It is a platform which provides soft-skill courses in Public Speaking, Corporate Readiness and Political Marketing. It enrols dedicated students in Content Writing & Content Marketing, Online Reputation Management, Human Resource & Talent Management and Social Media Marketing. This internship experience extensively focuses upon value development of their interns.

With a dedicated work force and a positive work environment, interns get to make a lot of connections from all around the country and are offered leadership opportunities as well. Students are groomed in leadership, analytics and communication skills along with extensive training in their desired department of work. Good performing interns also receive a certificate and a letter of recommendation.

Moreover, interns can apply for certified courses which will add whole another jewel to their dynamic personality. You can apply to Mindgrad by filling up this form: https://goo.gl/forms/IDMF0O7K0uG409Jr1

3) Goonj – An experience in an NGO must be a checklist for every college student. Such experiences work wonders in an individual’s personality by transform him/her into a sensitive and socially aware person.

Goonj is a non-governmental organisation with a goal to alleviate poverty from India. It collects urban discard as a resource to develop the standard of living of the backward communities in India. It collects around 4000 plus tons of material annually and circulates them in around 23 states in India. Goonj’s volunteers also actively work with schools, fight against menstrual taboos, organise awareness camps.

They have won Changemakers Innovation Award in 2004 and 2006, Prestigious Ashoka Fellowship Award in 2004 along with many recognitions. Internship or Volunteering experience with Goonj not only trains students in team work but also sensitises them towards social causes thereby making them into a more empathetic, selfless and socially aware individual.

Opportunities like such must be in the agenda list of every college student for these experiences will add many colors to one’s personality and make the college life productive.

- Vasudha Sabharwal

Want to become a leader and develop your skillset? Here is an opportunity to join the Board of Young Leaders Program by Eat My News. Click here to know more: bit.ly/boardofyoungleaders
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