The fear of job interviews and how to overcome them

Interviews are tough and can be life-changing. Perhaps, this is what makes them so hard. Getting an interview is tough in today’s competitive job market. With more people applying for each job than ever before, it’s vital that you stand out from the crowd. But for many of us these job interviews are not an easy ride . These interviews leaves us with breath taking experiences.

While appearing for an interview are any of these symptoms familiar?

Heart beating faster than usual, hands feeling clammy, your mouth getting dry and the butterflies in your stomach out of your control.

Yes, then you suffer from interview anxiety.

Feeling anxious before a big event in life is perfectly normal and actually a healthy response to the stimulus and situation you're faced with But it's important that it doesn't impact our performance in a negative way.

This fear and anxiety can be because of various reasons:

  • Fear of not performing well and answering all questions 
  • Fear of rejection 
  • Lack of required credentials etc 
  • Lack of confidence in oneself 
  • History of the previous jobs 

Be it any case It is really important for us to perform well in the interview because it might be the one opportunity which was waiting for and would open new doors for our bright future professionally. There are some points which we can consider in order to overcome the fear and perform:

Practice, practice and practice

Prepare well and try to give mock interviews if possible to your friends or family. Practicing the tests and exercises will not only improve your performance but you also relax your mind. Thoroughly review the job description and research the company to be well prepared. Our Preparation helps us to overcome the fear of bad performance and helps us to deal with unnecessary stress.

Be confident

It is important that we are confident about our credentials and achievements . It will definitely keeps us ahead in the competition and would increase our chances of selection. We should be confident the way we walk ,our posture should be straight and we should maintain eye contact .

Arrive early

We should get to the Venue location much early before the scheduled time , this would give us an opportunity to get comfortable with the environment there , revise our resume and take a brief revision . This would also give a good impression on the interviewers and the company.

Relaxing techniques

The company is looking for people with sound mind who can handle work even in tough situations . To perform well we can try some relaxation techniques like going for a walk , listening to your favourite music , breathing exercises etc.

Self introspection

Understand yourself only then you will be able to convince the interviewers with your personality. Know your strengths, weaknesses and achievements.

This is not the last opportunity

Do not foster the fear of not getting the particular job. The job you are applying for may be good but not the only job. There will be further job opportunities across.

Eat properly

Do not skip meals just before the interview. Skipping meals can cause a headache during the interview and leave you feeling dizzy and you will not be able to perform well. 

Stay calm and go for it

With a positive attitude you can change the entire game. Focus and think positively and just give your best shot .


A smiling face will help you to remain motivated and clear the interview with flying colours. It would give positivity and help you develop a good report with the interviewers.

No matter how stressful the process may seem to many of us, interviews are a hurdle we all need to overcome and the best way to do so would be to tackle them smartly and proactively. Each interview you appear for, regardless of the result, is an important learning experience and hence, the aim should be to make the most of it.

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