6 Best Blogs on Public Speaking

Public speaking is not an easy task. People lose their guts even on a thought of speaking in front of a public. Yet, it is a skill that is needed in every sphere of life. Today, the mainstream media has made public speaking a fad. People have begun realizing its importance. In that sense, the Internet has become a boon for it has enabled access to a bazillion of tips in a matter of few seconds.

There are many blogs available on the Internet which guide you to master the skill of Public Speaking. These blogs cover both beginners who aspire to inculcate this skill and experienced speakers who wish to groom their skill. These blogs can be your mentor as well as a guide. In any condition, these blogs are a helping hand.

Here are some of the best blogs on the internet that can help you in public speaking.

1. The Accidental Communicator

“Creating and delivering speeches that connect with an audience and cause a change to happen is not luck, it’s science.” insists Dr. Jim Anderson.

The Accidental Communicator is a blog by Dr. Jim Anderson where he shares his knowledge and addresses the public speaking problems encountered by people. Anderson is an American public speaking coach who trains and provides consultation to people in this terrain. With his wit and experience, he has transformed people into a powerful public speaker by providing them with structured solutions and tips. He uses concise humor and knowledge in creating his blogs.  This blog will provide you tips to sharpen your presentation skills.

2. TED blogs
This list would’ve not been completed without the mention of TED blogs. Chris Anderson is a well-known speaker who curated TED. He made this platform for professional speakers to create impact with their voice as well as for budding speakers who needed guidance and a source platform to do the same.  TED is one of the largest and the most well-known company for personality and confidence build up. It is also one of the major sources through which budding speakers learn and grow. TED talks are known worldwide and so are their blogs.

The diversification of TED blogs is huge. It also contains blogs related to public speaking. It has made public speaking as one of the mainstream popular cultures in which more and more people are showing interest every day. These blogs are written by experienced experts who share their wisdom to help others grow.

3. Public Words

Public Word was founded in 1997 by Nick Morgan. Morgan is a public speaking coach who has trained some of the best speakers and business tycoons all around the world. He helps in creating persuasive content that holds the attention of the audience at all times. 
Public words have worked with celebrities like Sally Hogshead, Ryan Estis and Vince Thompson. They have also worked with well-recognized organizations and institutes like Harvard University, Fordham University, MIT, Yahoo, Adobe, LinkedIn, and Pfizer.
Their blogs are aimed at building communication skills and persuasive skills. They help in learning different tools ranging from body language to the usage of vocabulary that is required for effective public speaking. 

4. Speak up for Success

Jezra Kaye is a New York public speaking coach and author who trains and helps people from all over the world. She says she developed this skill from performing jazz and being a corporate speechwriter. She says that Public speaking is like jazz; it doesn’t mean a thing if it ain’t got the swing.

She has led teams who have written speeches for clients including Pfizer, AT&T, K-Mart, Aramark, Novartis, Roche Laboratories and more. She has also coached and helped executives, marketing and sales VPs, brand managers and other presentation and stagecraft.

Speak up for success is her blog where she writes authentic and captivating blogs to help everyone out in public speaking. Her blogs carry unique ideas and catchy titles that drives the reader to read them thoroughly.

5. Manner of Speaking

Manner of Speaking is another organization which publishes blogs related to public speaking. John Zimmer says that the majority of people today are either not confident enough to speak in public or are not that good of a speaker. However, he believes that with practice and commitment, we can improve our public speaking skills. He loves helping others and his greatest satisfaction comes from helping others in building their skills through his blogs.

His blogs are aimed at the analysis of speeches and how can they be perfected and improved. He says the secret to a good public speaking or a captivating speech is the element to hold the attention of the audience for long. His blogs are guides and well analyzed for beginners as well as for speakers who wish to hone their public speaking skills.

6. The Ethos 3

The Ethos3 blog is a presentation blog which builds people into powerful speakers and presenters. Their blogs are fresh and dynamic with active energy that you can feel even while reading them. They are written in a manner that is driven to change and help people in public speaking. It strives to make it less of a fear and more of a personal asset for everyone. 

All their posts and blogs discuss the physical and psychological presence while presenting and speaking. They aim from the body language of the speaker to the secrets and tips to boost up confidence. Their blogs are user-friendly from which a reader can gain a vast amount of knowledge.

- Nivedita Kundu

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