8 ways Public Speaking can take your career to the next level

When its about talking to one person over a beer, most us for would jump at this opportunity. The moment it’s about addressing a crowd of twenty, most of the people would find enough excuses to bail out. The fear of speaking in front of a large audience is as real as night and day. One of the biggest mistakes we make is thinking that public speaking is just meant for a few of us. While, it is equally or more so relevant for everyone. In this article, I would like to introduce you to a few ways your career will never be the same again and reach another level with public speaking. Public speaking besides opening you up to the world, opens up an array of career opportunities for you. Let’s talk about eight of them here, right now. 

1. Increases your confidence and improves communication skills

That moment when you address even a small gathering of five people, it is truly empowering. It sort of gives you wings. The amount of confidence you gain from speaking in public is immeasurable. When you’re able to draw the attention of people who you are speaking to and are able to add knowledge, you will feel in control. And you feel confident when you feel in control. And trust me, this is addictive. If you’re able to captivate your audience, you gain the confidence to continue your speaking journey.
Creating a speech is a process and delivering it is the result of that process.The more you speak, the more fluent you will become in language. The more you speak the more you will be able pick up the nuances of good communication skills by practice. Speaking in public is like communicating your idea or thought to a lot of people and this can be very daunting. However, if you are able to get your message across to people’s hearts and their minds, then you become a great communicator. 

2. Build your network and relationships

Public speaking gives you an opportunity to talk to many people at once. This way so many people see you in a position of control and know about you. And this also gives you an opportunity to connect with your audience and build relationships with them. If you are able to penetrate people’s hearts with your messages, then you have already won them over. Networking is absolutely paramount for success and what better way to network than build relationships with people who you speak to. When you keep talking frequently, more people will know about you and connect with you.

3. Grow your wealth and get new businesses

As a good public speaker, you will gain credibility plus an opportunity to talk to a diverse set of audiences. And you never know when someone will give you new business or recommend a potential client. Giving speeches and keynotes is also an excellent way of marketing out your business and helping it reach more people. Infact, you will become an excellent brand ambassador for your organization and your company can leverage from the outreach you garner as a speaker. This way you can generate business for your company. 
Public speaking is a great tool to grow your wealth by gaining more credibility in the market and also by getting new business. 

4. Improve your social media presence

As a public speaker or as a videos creator on social media, your overall social media presence will increase. Public speaking is a great personal branding tool for you. You get to post content on your social media that will create a good image for you as well as make you look like a subject matter expert in what you speak about. When you are a public speaker, it sort of creates an aspirational image about you in the minds of the people, as they admire the work that you are doing. 

If you are posting videos on social media, it helps you reach out to a vast number of people, more than you can physically reach. Plus the content that you share will add a lot of value to the people who are consuming your content. Hence, public speaking makes your social media profiles more attractive in general. 

5. Makes you a better writer, thinker and person

Before you are able to give a speech or a talk you need to write one and the process that you undergo for doing that can be equally challenging. It requires deep levels of thinking and introspection about the subject that you are going to be talking about. Over a period of time this process will most likely improve the quality of your thinking. Then you have to write down your talk before you present it and doing this repeatedly has a direct correlation with helping you improve your writing skills. Since, what you write must come out in a flow, you tend to write better by practicing more. 

Public speaking also makes you a better person. You will naturally share ideas that are positive, idealistic and improvement focused. Besides others it is very self motivating and will put you in a positive state of mind. And this would help you become a better version of you and to continually be on a path of self improvement.

Hence, public speaking will make you a better writer, thinker and a person.

6. Learn new topics and increase knowledge

The process of public speaking is very rewarding and stimulating for intellectual growth. For preparing a speech or a talk, there’s a lot that you have to go through before you create a shorter and final version for your audience to consume. This process of research is very vast and helps you learn about a topic in depth, since you can’t condense a subject you do not know much about. And the more subjects you present, the more topics you will end up familiarizing yourself about. Public speaking is therefore, a great tool or a way to learn about new things and increasing your array of knowledge.

7. Helps you create an impact on the society

Having a captive audience that is there to listen to what you have to say is nothing short of a gift. There is so much of power in words and messages that it can change a life. As a public speaker you would have that power to impact people with the choice of your words and phrases, as they can leave an indelible impression in the minds of your listeners. If you wisely use this tool to influence the people in a positive direction, then you will be contributing to this world in a very meaningful way. Your speeches can change people and the society, hence its imperative to use this tool of communication in the most responsible way possible. 

8. Makes you an impeccable presenter

If you’re somebody who’s working, or still studying presentation skills is something that you cannot escape from. The body tenses up the moment your teacher or your super boss asks you to make a powerpoint presentation that you have to present on top of making one. I bet, if you’re scared your mind already begins to find new ailments that can keep you away from the same. And even if you somehow muster the courage to go ahead and do that, no one really taught you how to make a great one so you end up watching yawning faces (not literally). Public Speaking is an art that can be learnt. And if you learn the right way of presenting your ideas, you’ll become an impeccable presenter. We at Mindgrad.com can help you learn some of those tricks and techniques that will make you an impeccable presenter and a marvelous public speaker. 

- Tanya Kathpal

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