Board of Young Leaders Program Success Story: Shruti Tandon

What are you currently doing and what role does Board of Young Leaders Program have in that?

I am currently working as a Salesforce Developer at Genpact . I was a part of BOYL when I was in College, and truly speaking, I am glad I joined Eat My News at that time . The kind of leadership skill that it fostered within me was an amazing experience altogether.

Which department did you work in and what did you enjoy the most about it?

I joined Emn as an HR and it required me to conduct interviews. Since Emn mostly operated via online community, it gave me a chance to connect with people in a way I never could have imagined, for instance, even today, I am friends with people I have never actually met in person, this is where I think EMN stood out for me, it gave me a chance to interact with the most wonderful souls, mentors and friends.

What skills did you pick up at Board of Young Leaders Program that is helping you achieve your goals?

There were a number of skill sets which I was able to develop within me while I was a part of EMN.Leadership skills, management skills, handling excel sheets and communication skills, are the skills I picked up while working for EMN.

Did Board of Young Leaders Program help you to develop your personality?

Yes, it did, independently handling a team, thinking about teams welfare, being able to manage time, managing oneself, to name a few...

Tell us something about the experiential learning during the program?

BOYL's uniqueness lies in the fact that once you are connected to it, you are with it forever. Even if someone completed their work cycle and voluntarily decided to leave the program, I can vouch for the fact, it will never leave you, now when I say this, it is because , there is so much that one has gained in their journey there, that the feeling of belonging to it, keeps you connected to the organisation always. Also, the leaders here have a major role to keep the connections alive. 

Any pearls of wisdom for aspiring Board of Young Leaders Program applicants?

I would definitely recommend BOYL to anyone and everyone, as a first step to gaining a worthwhile work experience , which is going to be an asset by way of giving you a right career start, then friends for a lifetime and most importantly, the Success Story of your Life about where it all began....

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