"Find what needs fixing, and start your own trend!" - Sairee Chahal

Interview with Sairee Chahal (Founder Sheroes)
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Sairee Chahal

1. What is Sheroes? and what difference or dent do you want to make in this world?

SHEROES is a beautiful online “me space” for girls and women, a community where you can be yourself and explore all your interests – from art and careers, to fashion and entrepreneurship. The journey is more exciting because you have other members of the tribe rooting for your success – you can use the platform to showcase your talent/ work, network with senior women in various spaces, and get advice and support. One unique feature we have is the chat helpline embedded in the SHEROES app, where you can talk to counsellors about anything and everything. This feature is especially a hit with girl students, as it is a no-judgement space, and also free of cost. Women can get on to SHEROES via Sheroes.com and the SHEROES app.

2. What are the kind of communities that are there on Sheroes today and how are you supporting that ecosystem?

We have about 70 career, counselling and commerce communities. Career communities can be domain-specific like women in data, or else creative in nature such as our arts community where artists/ creators are superactive. Counselling communities like health and relationships are a great space to get advice and prioritise yourself. Commerce communities like Bazaar are good for selling and buying products. Lots of students with small creative businesses leverage it to find an audience of buyers. We have also partnered with organisations focused on growth opportunities for women to build their communities around areas like entrepreneurship, leadership and career growth. Communities like travel and cooking are also great communities for bloggers and entrepreneurs to create visibility for themselves.

3. How is the Sheroes community empowering women in both urban and rural areas?

Our members can access all the resources such as communities, helpline and opportunities, once they get on the platform. 20-year stone artist in Kanpur, unable to afford the high fees of a design institute, started building her art career via SHEROES, and Saathiya, a microentrepreneur in Tamil Nadu village used the SHEROES app, to access advice and funding to start her own beauty parlour called “Ladies Special” in her village. On the other hand, Raina, a 23-yr old techie in Thane used our helpline to get counselling for depression, and today she has become a strong voice in the community around mental health. We have many such inspiring stories emerging out of SHEROES.

4. Is this a great time to be a woman entrepreneur in India, your views

Yes, yes, yes. By embracing entrepreneurship, women can take charge of their fiscal health, solve real problems via their business and also provide employment. They can leverage platforms like SHEROES for mentorship and opportunities, and also access funding via women-focused funding platforms. There are many wonderful schemes and platforms that offer support.

5. Now that you have reached a certain scale, what are your new challenges?

We have launched the SHEROES app in English, Hindi, Bangla and Marathi, and our aim is to make our platform accessible in all Indian languages, and ready for future generations of women internet users. Keeping the platform safe, constructive and free from abuse is a top priority.

6. What does success mean to you?

Taking charge and chasing goals! Failure is an opportunity to learn and grow; don’t fear it. Focus on mental and physical health, and stay close to your network of family and friends. Success is sweeter with your tribe around you ☺

7. A piece of advice to millennials who want to start up, if yes then why, if not then why?

The world is full of problems that need to be solved. Don’t follow the trend. Find what needs fixing, and start your own trend! 


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