Top 3 Content Writing Internships

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This decade has been content driven in its entirety. Be it movies, TV Shows, websites, blogs- the world has started seeing content as the root of everything. Especially on the internet, regardless of whether you’re looking for something specific, for e.g. - a particular product, or maybe just going through whatever comes up in your suggestions, you’re not going to stay on a page if you feel it doesn’t give you the information you need or if it isn’t relevant enough.

Content Writing has emerged as a pretty hyped profession in the last few years and if the present scenario is to be considered, the popularity of the profession will only increase in the upcoming years. Everybody needs a content writer. Right from introducing a new product in the market to opening a new business, you need content to sell yourself. A good content writer has the ability to turn a business around. Well-written content can bring you lifelong customers.

If you’re in college and you like to write, this is the best time to use your talent. Thankfully, a lot of companies are willing to take college students as interns for content writing. It ultimately depends upon the organization that you work with, but as a content writer you mostly promote whatever the company makes, sells or associates themselves with. You write about why what they do is important and how customers or the audience can benefit from it. You can also intern with entertainment or news-driven websites that need content writers to write articles on a variety of topics.

Not only does a content writing internship give you a platform to get published and explore your talent and make something out of it, but it also gives you an opportunity to improve your writing in a way no class can teach you. When you work in an organization as a content writer, there are deadlines and guidelines you need to adhere to. There are creative limitations and freedom at the same time. You get to work under people who are experienced in the field and gain constructive feedback. If as a student you want to make a career in content writing, it is necessary for you to intern in the field first. 

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Here is a list of 3 Content Writing Internships that will definitely strike a connection with the writer in you:

Eat My News - A youth-run community and a content-driven organization, Eat My News has a vision to make the world more informed, intelligent and inspired. Though the organization offers internships in a lot of things like marketing, human resources, social media management and etc, their content writing internship is a highly acclaimed one. As a content writer, you work in a team and write articles on a variety of topics which are related to politics, policy, careers and courses, history etc. Some of their main tags are - Truth to Power, Society X, How to Learn, Skill Development and etc. Full creative freedom is offered to the writer and it is up to them how they want to express a particular topic. The articles are published on their website and read by thousands of people. You can also apply for their Board of Young Leaders (BOYL) Program and get the opportunity to form and head your own Content Writing team. You can apply now using this link.

MindGrad - A branch of Eat My News, MindGrad offers online courses on Public Speaking, Corporate Readiness and other skills. They therefore mostly focus on producing content based on different careers, how to improve communication, confidence, marketing skills, body language, being interview ready, public speaking and product management. MindGrad is very versatile in the way they choose their topics and one can always learn a thing or two from whatever content they put out. They have clear themes one can choose from and full liberty to shape their thoughts in a way that suits them best. Interning at MindGrad would definitely be an enriching experience and one should check their website to know more about all that they offer. You can apply now using this link.

White Panda - A content development platform, White Panda connects businesses in need of content to freelance writers. They promise to deliver quality content, and their internship program gives you an insight into the working of the organization. All about content, interning at White Panda might give you the push you need to explore your talent. In their internship program, they constantly keep the writers’ spark alive by giving them different tasks from researching to content marketing and writing content for their blog.

The world changes constantly and we need to change with it. Gone are the days when bright posters and decorative web pages were all it took to grab a user’s attention. Today, the world runs on content. One needs to be able to express their motives articulately and keep the reader hooked. It is quality content which is relevant and has a certain value that will speak to an audience. Though, as a career content writing comes with its own set of pros and cons, one cannot deny the fact that there is a huge demand for writers currently and it only increases by the day. As a content writer, one needs to have excellent writing skills, impeccable grammar and a thorough understanding of what they’re writing about. Do you think you can fit the role? Then apply now.

- Vaishnavi Mohan

Want to get published on EMN and join the community? Here is an opportunity to join the Board of Young Leaders Program by Eat My News. Click here to know more:
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