Top 5 news of the day: 22nd March

Here's a daily round up of top 5 news from India and the world:

1. PM Modi to contest from Varanasi again: Like last time PM Modi will not be contesting from a 2nd seat this time. As per BJP's assessment having PM Modi as a candidate in a UP constituency will give the total UP seats a boost.

2. Government has reached out to Spice Jet, to take over Jet's planes: The government is making attempts to revive the cash strapped Jet airways. It has reached out to various carriers to purchase Jet planed. 

3. Facebook stored million of passwords in plain readable text: Unknown to millions of facebook users, their passwords were stored in plain readable text vulnerable to cyber crimes and access by internal employees.

4. Amazon to launch mobile ads in search results: Video ads that users will see will be based on users search query. Advertisers will now pay on cost per view basis vs cost per click basis.

5. Shah gets Gandhinagar ticket time, Advani to not contest: BJP has announced its first list of 184 candidates, naming Amit Shah as a contestant for a seat previously held by LK Advani. Atleast, a two dozen MP's have also been dropped. 


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