How to stay organized?

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Everyone wants to stay organized. In reality, however, staying organized every day is nothing less than a struggle. The chaos around us seems to get into our head and turns everything in our life into a mess we can’t get out of.

When all plans get overloaded and the planner keeps piling up, then one needs to find an answer to how to stay organized. Staying organized is not as tedious work as most people believe it to be. It is said that perfection is achieved when you keep repeating a task. Same is the case for staying organized. The more you practice, the better you become. Try to inspire yourself to stay organized and have a great feeling when you accomplish it.
Some of the proved ways by which one’s life can stay organized are discussed below:

1. Write down the tasks for the day

Any tasks that are planned to be worked on must be noted down immediately and struck off after finishing. In this way, there is a high chance of not missing out on doing an important job and at the same time, having tasks in order.

2. Keep a deadline for work and maintain a schedule

Organized people don’t waste time. There is a need to plan out the tasks for the day and schedule it accordingly. It is important to have a deadline too. There is no point in trying to stay organized if there is no proper schedule to adhere to. Keeping a work dragging for longer than needed is another factor that leads to piling up of tasks. Hence, there must be a fixed deadline for all tasks.
 Using a calendar and adding up any new tasks or programs, deadlines, meetings, etc will have a great benefit too. This will be very useful in planning out tasks in advance.

3. Don’t Procrastinate 

The habit of keeping tasks scheduled for later is one that leads to unneeded stress. The longer you keep postponing a task, the more difficult it starts to become until it becomes tedious. To stay organized, finishing off tasks as soon as possible is very important.
4. Keep your space organized

Always try to keep your surrounding spaces neat, clean, and clear whether it's your home, bedroom, office, etc. Throw away useless stuff and keep only the things that you need. When the space around you is clean, the work you do will be more effective and you can stay organized too. Things can pile up very quickly, and lead to chaos in no time. This practice only takes a few minutes to clean up, but it’ll save you a lot of cleaning time later on and this saves time too.

5. Keep away from unnecessary distractions 

If you are continuously glued to the phone screen, you will be wasting your time as well as reducing your productivity. Keeping the phone away during the day and using it only when needed or when you need a break is very helpful in keeping one organized.

6. Work Hard and stay disciplined

Laziness is the culprit that makes one unorganized. By warming up and doing tasks with dedication, there will not only be an organized environment around us but it will also make us more skilled and focused.
Apart from these main points, one must also avoid doing things last minute and complete work on time. In case of any problems, it is important not to stress. Look at a problem with a calm mind and look for a solution right away.
Many people also never act in the way they should. Always think before you act. 

Remember to also do tasks at their designated, instead of piling everything at a place.

Don’t do many things at the same time. It will lead to errors mistakes that could easily have been avoided.

Keep clean, stay focused, and follow a routine sleeping plan too.

Exercise and yoga too contribute to inner peace and staying organized. 

After you are done with these steps, take a good look at yourself and try to understand if you are more organized than before or not. If yes, keep maintaining this pattern and try to improvise it too. 

If you are not satisfied, then work on the steps mentioned and try to reflect on where you’re going wrong. Always remember not to give up following the steps even if you feel too lazy or unmotivated. If you give up, then apart from failing to stay organized, you will lose your self-confidence too.

Everyone wants to stay organized and arranged. From the steps mentioned above, anyone can do so too. So stay happy, stay organized and lead a better life.

- Sonal Bera

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