Why Is There a Need to Make Our Students Technologically Empowered

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It is now 2019, and technology has overtaken the world. Through the use of technology, teachers can transform boring lectures into interesting and more engaging lessons. Technology can allow a student to customise the way they wish to study, in a way that suits them. They can control their learning and as a byproduct their future. 

If anyone still has a doubt, let the adult without a computer on their desk—or in their pocket or laptop bag—cast the first stone. Technology is ubiquitous, and schools should be no exception.

However, it seems that technology is being taken for granted now. In India especially, people are still sceptical about using technology to teach the young minds believing that they will get too easily diverted by it. Here's why and how students of the coming generations need to be technologically adept.

1) Power to make your own choice

With all the knowledge of the world at a mere click away, students can now customise their own learning habits in a way that suits them. They can learn about skills that weren't thought possible before from the best of teachers online. They can decide on what they want to learn and in today's world that's a tremendous benefit. It also gives them the ability to make their own choice. 

Teachers can guide the students and help them in this process, and at the same time to encourage them to make their own choices. They can continuously explore and make new standards and connections.

2) Learn more about our world 

Education is now no longer limited to the classroom. Application of those skills is also equally important. Students can use technology to interact inside and outside the classroom, share their views and opinions with not only their families, friends and social groups but rather with the whole world. 

The world is growing smaller and your opinion matters a lot too. Online educators can guide the students too and with social media becoming a common place for people to use and share their skills, it's becoming more and more vital to learn how to make the maximum use of them.

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3)  The Need to transform old methods

Sadly, in order to incorporate technology into the world of education,  the same old methods of teaching will need to be let go of.  Educators need to recognise that they are no longer the sole provider of knowledge but that rather they are guides in the learning process. 

4) Future Job Scenario

Research by the World Economic Forum estimates that 65% of children entering primary school will find themselves in occupations that today do not exist. By 2020 it's estimated there will be 1.5 million new digitised jobs across the globe. At the same time, 90% of organisations currently have an IT skills shortage, while 75% of educators and students feel there is a gap in their ability to meet the skills needs of the IT workforce. To prepare the talent needed for the digital economy, education must adapt as fast as the demand for IT skills is growing and evolving. 

It is, however, to be noted that the need is for skilled people. Getting the skills needed is another field entirely and students must be aware that the things taught in school aren't always the things that will be needed practically in the real world and your jobs.

5) The How

After a lot of discussion about why technology is important in the life of a student, there remains a big question. How? How do we make our students technologically adept? How do we provide the means to 315 million students, many of whom are from families that are too poor to even feed themselves a proper meal, let alone get the latest technology? Plus a majority of students who consider themselves to be technologically adept are in reality not. 

There's a huge difference between playing a game on your phone or laptop and creating one. Students are learning to be consumers and not job providers. An effective Computer Science curriculum would come very handy in this regard. Teachers should teach students to become familiar with annotation tools like Adobe instead of the pen and paper, at least in the computer classes. The technology could be the solution to a lot of problems, only if one is looking for a solution in the right place. Students have to be encouraged to do so. Most libraries should have computers so that even the less fortunate section of society would be able to access it.

If you're a tech-savvy student, it's important to know that your knowledge and skill set is not without value. In fact, there is a wide range of benefits that come with being incredibly proficient in the technological sector.  You should also, however, learn to also become a provider rather than a consumer.

- Zoya Chettri

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