Emerging Authors To Look Out For In 2019

Books are our personal favourite friends that make us happy and the authors of those books do a great job by letting us experience the journey with them. As is with each new book that comes up, there’s a whole bunch of interesting stories, facts or brand new information that we take in which further engages us in reading, and that’s only possible due to authors who make our lives so interesting with their piece of work. Be it a new sequel that we all were patiently waiting for, or a new book by a promising author; the level of excitement always increases, with each new update. 

As we can say, every new year is as adventurous as these stupendous authors make it for us, with the wonderful books that they publish. This year has so much more for us to look forward to, as these emerging authors of 2019, can’t fail to please us with their brilliant minds. Even though they are the new faces of 2019, they have created a great image of being successful writers with their books being recommended in the topmost searches. These are some of the emerging authors of 2019.

Melanie Golding

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Melanie Golding is a UK based author who has a vast range of interests, which include folklore and music. She has completed her MA in Creative Writing at Bath Spa University with distinction in 2016. Melaine Golding has won and has been shortlisted for several local and short stories competition in recent years. “Little Darlings”, is Melanie Golding’s first novel that was originally published on 30th of April, 2019, which has been closely inspired by the ghostly folktale ‘The Brewery of Eggshells’. 

Little Darlings, is a thriller based novel, where a mother is assured that her twins are in great danger after she encounters an incident at the hospital just after giving birth to her beautiful twins. Little Darlings is from the perspective of postnatal psychosis and modern motherhood. That talks about mother’s deepest fears and how often they are ignored.

Alan Hlad

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Alan Hlad is a member of the Historical Novel Society and the Akron Writer’s Group. He is a speaker, an author and President of Stonespire Executive Search. Alan Hlad’s writing has been proved very impressive as his first novel, “The Long Flight Home”, is to be published on 25thof June 2019. 

The Long Flight Home is a Historical Fiction that has been inspired by the events of World War II. A story of Sacrifice and Love, written in a skilful manner, that revolves around the life of the protagonist named Susan Shepherd all her birds and Ollie Evans. With a true meaning given to ‘hope never dies’.  

Kristen Arnett

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Kisten Arnett is a humorous fiction and essay writer. She’s a columnist for Literary Hub and has won a Literary Award for fiction in 2015. Kristen Arnett is a Librarian / Circulation Supervisor at Barry University School of Law. She graduated from Rollins College, Florida in Bachelor of Arts, Literature/letters and then did her Masters of Library and Information Science at Florida University. There are great reviews of her first novel, “Mostly Dead Things”, published on 4th of June 2019, already. People seem to enjoy the humour. 

Mostly Dead Things is a humorous fiction along with lesbian literature. It’s definitely not as serious as the title suggests, as the book talks a lot about a girl named Jessa whose life turns out totally unexpected overnight. It’s a weird, funny, exotic experience that we take in along with Jessa as her story continuous. 

Chanelle Benz

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Chanelle Benz has done her Masters Of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and Batekors Of Fine Arts in Acting from Boston University. She resides in Mississipi and her short story was named as one of the top ten long reads of 2012. Chanelle Benz has published many interesting short stories. Her upcoming novel “The Gone Dead”, which is to be published on the 25th of June 2019 is extremely well written. 

The Gone Dead Saga is literary fiction. It all starts with Billie Games, fathers unexpected death. There wasn’t much left for Billie after her fathers' sudden death. Nor does she remembers much about it as she was four. The more she gets to know about it, the further the mystery continuous as she gets to know about her disappearance on the day her father died. The Gone Dead is about justice, love and misery.

Maurice Carlos Ruffin

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Maurice Carlos Ruffin has completed his graduation in Masters Of Fine Arts at The University Of New Orleans. He is a member of several writing collectives, such as the Melanie Writers of New Orleans. He has also won awards and medals for his short stories. He has been featured as a reader and also performed his essays and poems in a very talented manner. His novel “We Cast A Shadow”, published on 29th Of January 2019, has been done in a very creative manner, blending humour and racism. 

We Cast  A Shadow is a Dystopian Fiction. It’s about a black father’s fears and ways of protecting his mixed-race son from the white predominance.. His irrational thoughts that run constantly in his mind, make him take some huge steps of hiding his sons true colour keeping it a secret along with his son, as his wife would never agree to those solutions. We Cast A Shadow is also considered as a political Art as it speaks about the Contemporary times in America.

Dan Stout

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Dan Stout writes noir thrillers, adding twist and turns of magic in it in some of his works. He lives in Columbia. His fiction has been seen in places such as The Saturday Evening Post and Mad Scientist Journal. Dan Stout considers editing his work as his favourite part of writing. 

His debut novel “TitanShade”, has appeared in many outlets in print and online after being published on the 12th Of March 2019. 

TitanShade is a Dark Fantasy, Science Fiction novel. Which talks about a place named TitanShade, where danger loiters around every corner. A homicide cop named Carter plays the role of a lifesaving investigator, who has no choice in finding out the true criminals after a case going unpleasant as it could affect the lives of his loved ones with the investigation turning into a witch-hunt. TitanShade is a clever piece of artwork.

Margaret Rogerson

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Margaret Rogerson is an ambitious person with distinctive talents in various fields of works. As she’s worked as a graphic designer, freelance writer, marketing assistant, a counter girl, as well as an amusement park employee. She’s done her Cultural Anthropology major at Miami University in Ohio. Loves animals and different creatures along with drawing, gaming, and reading. Her novel “Sorcery Of Thorns”, is full of magic and beautiful turnouts that published on the 4th of June, 2019. 

Sorcery Of Thorns is young adult fiction. The story is about Elisabeth who is a sorcerer, who wishes to become a warden to protect her kingdom from magical grimoires who when provoked could turn into twisted monsters of ink and leather. The story twists when a disastrous incident takes place and Elisabeth is forced to question herself about all her teachings of a sorcerer. Sorcery Of Thorns is a fantastic magical tale full of excitement. 
With all of the mystery, thriller, fantasy, fiction, satire, romance and magic sprinkled everywhere, we can’t wait to know how unexpected 2019 gets with its great literature.

- Mihika  Menezes

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