12 Thoughts Every 12th Grader Has

The year of achievements and setbacks; highs (literally for some) and lows; confusion and laser focus; the most crucial year of our lives-12th grade. When every turn decides your future, if you feel like you’ve taken every wrong turn and are falling face front in the abyss called life; don’t worry because you’re not the only one facing this dilemma. Crazy as it seems, you will cross the finish line! Till then nod along to the thoughts that you’ve had this grade!

1. Do I even want to do this?

There have been moments when you’ve stopped your work, stared straight into nothingness and questioned your decisions. You’ve felt like the path diametrically opposed to the path you’ve chosen is the best one.

2. Next time for sure

All hell breaks loose when procrastination ends up being the priority. Be it “Just one more season” or “There’s only one world cup in 4 years”, “I’ll do the work next time” is the universal consolation.

3. What are we doing after exams!

The true motivation for completing exams is the after exam plans. Although there are a series of exams, they come with equal opportunities to let your hair down, blow off some steam and have fun!

4. What is the future plan?

You sit down and assess your strengths and weaknesses, compare them with your likes and dislikes and give serious thought to what you want to pursue. While we’ve been thinking about the future for a long time, this time there is a realistic and practical point of view involved.

5. Can I just give 10th boards again?

While every previous grade seems easier, the difficulty level of studies took a huge leap from 10th to 11th which left you wondering why you cribbed during 10th boards. During every test further on, you just wished to give 10th boards instead.

6. I don’t know what I’d do without you guys

You lose some friends but you make friends for life this year. Providing you with notes, having your back in every fight, consoling you after your breakdowns and roasting you till you cry laughing, they have done it all. You may seldom say it out loud but you wish to always have them by your side.

7. How did 11th grade go by so fast?

No one has any clue how 11th grade ended in the blink of an eye. All the submissions, extra work, the vacation mindset after 10th made 11th go by in a moment. After all, time and tide wait for none.

8. How do they do that? I should be more like them

Following influencers on social media or watching your peers doing something different, you started comparing yourself with their appearance or accomplishments. At some moments, following them to be a person you aren’t and fighting your instincts to follow a path not etched out for you. Alas, questioning if you are good enough.

9. What will people say?

Living up to people’s expectations took a huge toll on your self-esteem and self-worth. You found yourself worrying about their thoughts instead of your own. The insane amount of competition led you to ponder over your setbacks and wallow in self-pity rather than learning from them and moving forward.

10. I don’t think I can do it

12th grade is the peak time to breed self-doubts and self-pressure. You think about what you want to achieve but lose faith in yourself; question your choices and end up with a chaotic head.

11. Nostalgia

The school was an integral part of our lives. You’re often nostalgic and think about the carefree and crazy school experiences and miss everything from having food in the canteen, sleeping in the classrooms, annoying the teachers to playing on the ground.

12. There’s no time!

One year seems like a fraction of the time needed to complete everything. Balancing studies and hobbies feel like a herculean task. Attempting to do everything has had you clawing your hair out. Often, feeling sad due to the obligation of compromising on something or the other.

12th grade is a roller coaster ride in its true sense. Despite all the criticism you receive, do not forget to take a deep breath and believe in yourself. Your limit is what you want it to be. To save yourself from drowning in self-doubt, think about the worst-case scenario and try to be okay with it. Knowing that you could do no worse than that, go all in. The motto “Alis Grave Nil” which means nothing is heavy to those who have wings is a reminder to tell you what you can truly achieve. Let go and invest in yourself. At the end of the day, you want to
end up with the best version of yourself!

- Sunidhi Shinde

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