Artificial Intelligence - A Threat to Humanity

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence can be defined as, a robot or a technical machine that can perform the task as compared to that of a human such as problem-solving, decision making, speech recognition, identifying objects or humans, visual representations, etc. With this speeding technology of artificial intelligence growing day by day, there are high chances of it to reach a level where humans won’t be required at all for any job.

Analysis - Humans vs AI

Artificial intelligence is something that a human brain cannot compete to as a computer works faster than a human mind and is programmed way before. It has developed for over fifty years and is still developing. But it can definitely never be compared to human emotions. As robots, machines, technical products, etc do not contain any sort of human feelings or emotions, so in comparison to humanity, it still has not reached to that extent. 
Some robots like Sophia do have certain feelings and emotions that are programmed into them. But they can never be real emotions as they are created for artificial intelligence purposes, i.e to serve the planet through their varied sets of information on any kind of topic for example; whether forecast, top news, gossips, booking flights, movie tickets or playing songs, etc. The fastest way to reach to any of our queries is through the means of artificial intelligence. Because of this humans have started depending on artificial intelligence for everything possible which is indirectly increasing the chances of having a poor health condition for us humans, as we get everything on our doorsteps, obesity in humans increases, there is no interaction or communication due to which humans become anti-social.

Current scenario of artificial intelligence  

Artificial Intelligence continues to be on the top list of business executives even though they face issues such as complications and major confusions. The competition between humans and artificial intelligence doesn’t seem to be stopping anywhere in 2019.
These are the seven predictions through which artificial intelligence is going to make a huge impact on society: 
1. (MLaas) i.e Machine learning as a service will be put to use in a much more useful manner.
 2. A much more descriptive and clearer Artificial Intelligence will be developed.
 3. Artificial Intelligence will have a huge impact internationally.
 4. Artificial Intelligence will create more job opportunities than it used to before. 
5. Artificial Intelligence assistants will be present in every way possible and be even more useful. 
6. Artificial Intelligence control and power will attain importance. 
7. Artificial Intelligence will help in providing artificial intelligence talent shortages.  
Future Trends

Since artificial intelligence will but obviously take over business executives globally, employment opportunities will decrease and there may be no job opportunities available in the coming future at all. This would cause a great problem to humans and all those underdeveloped countries who have just begun to develop. If the seven possibilities of artificial intelligence are to have occurred anywhere in the upcoming years then there will be no use of humans at all as the machines, robots will be having an intellectual capacity that will be higher than a human mind. If much more artificial intelligence development is done, there won't be any need to use our mind to solve any problem. We all would become puppets in the hands of this artificial intelligence. Not forgetting those movies that show robots going against the world and destroying every species possible. It definitely creates fear as to what if this artificial intelligence suddenly start demanding for their own powers? Or no longer want to be controlled by a human? These are few of the predictions at the same time irrational fear by all. 

A call for AI reduction

More than 100 technology leaders, including Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, signed an open letter calling on the United Nations to ban the development and use of artificially intelligent weaponry. Musk has tweeted that he fears a global arms race for artificial intelligence will cause the third World War. Scientists themselves have fears of robots harming humans and a majority of the critics fear that we common public cannot rely on anything or anyone for our protection from artificial intelligence. 
Humans are already worrying about the after effects of artificial intelligence rising as its naturally going to affect humanity. All the algorithms decide what should we do next, whether it is an online transaction or an update for our mobile, bank accounts, laptops etc. There are machines often deciding for us what should we do or not? Which is helpful for us at the moment but dangerous in the longer run. This clearly shows how AI has started taking over humanity and it is high time that this ever-booming industry is slowed down to some extent.
A conclusion is drawn in favour of humanity 
When we look at the whole situation of artificial intelligence is a threat to humanity, we can not only blame the robots or machines as we as humans are the ones who needed them and that’s why we created them. But if they are the threat to our very existence then we can only be precautious towards them by using the following points:
  • Be careful, as to when and where and how much of artificial intelligence is used. Do not overuse it or use it for minor queries which a human mind is capable of solving.
  • Keeping a track of how this artificial intelligence is being used by checking their systems that are built to check their manual functions.
  • Deciding on whether there needs to be a growth of this artificial intelligence or not.
  • Stopping ourselves from depending completely on artificial intelligence.
  • Looking towards the positive outcome that will bring a change to the society and not harm it in any way if further artificial intelligence is supposed to be developed. 

By doing so we will be creating a change within ourselves and towards the betterment of the artificial intelligence and human relations as we look forward towards a good outcome of it.  

Mihika Menezes

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