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YouTube is not just another website, publishing videos, it’s a community bringing creators and viewers from different countries on to a single platform. The website boasts a massive number of videos, which is entirely impossible to watch in a single lifetime, well until and unless you are not from a neighbouring planet. So, considering the paucity of time, listed below are the channels which you must subscribe to.  

1. MKBHD (Marques Brownlee)

It would be so treacherous if I don't start this list without my favourite YouTuber, aka Marques Brownlee. He is an American YouTuber who is making "quality tech videos" on smartphones, tablets, electric cars, since January 2009. In the year 2013, he was called as "the best technology reviewer on the planet right now" by the former Senior Vice President, Social of Google, Vic Gandora and in 2018, he won the Creator of the Decade award. Besides making tech videos, he has interviewed icons like Elon Musk & Neil deGrasse Tyson.

2. Kurzgesagt

With just 102 videos, this channel packs a massive 9 million subscribers. The channel aims to deliver videos which make science look beautiful and they do give in a lot to do that because this channel releases only one video in a month. Here, you can find an answer to "What If We Detonated All Nuclear Bombs at Once" or "Is Reality Real? The Simulation Argument".  Further, the animations help their content reach just another level and enabling them to attract new users to their channel every day. 

3. Ted

Ted is a powerful platform starring people with their bright ideas who make a powerful impact on our world. This channel delivers videos ranging from technology, psychology, inspiration, food, and--whatever you can name--, to its 13 million subscribers. As of 2019, the channel has more than 3000 videos, which can not only help you in updating your knowledge and give you a subtle reality check on your skill set.


Asap SCIENCE is hosted by the Canadian couple, Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown, who deliver science videos, weekly. The channel is about visualizing stuff from the science's perspective, with the aid of eye-catching animations & facts. Their videos are an answer to the questions like "What If You Only Ate Chips?", "What If the Sun Disappeared for One Month?", or "Why Are You Single?".

5. Casey Neistat

Casey Neistat is a 38-year-old American YouTuber, living in New York. Most of his videos are an excerpt from his daily life, wandering in the streets of New York and explaining stuff like "Why you should never ride an electric scooter in the rain?". This guy is really an inspiration as his videos are top-notch and he is often referred to as the best vlogger on this planet and you would be amazed to know that he is a high school dropout and never went to a film school or college. Besides vlogging, he often reviews smartphones, drones, cameras, and all the other cool tech stuff.

6. Dude Perfect

Imagine a group of five friends, who are former high school Basketball players and college roommates doing crazy things, yes, the synonym is Dude Perfect. The channel hosts crazy videos which can easily get you an adrenaline rush or that oddly satisfying moment in your life. With over 43 million subscribers, this channel is the 9th most subscribed in the world and the 2nd most subscribed on YouTube. They regularly update battle videos in which the five members compete with each other like Dirt Bike Battle, Giant Darts Battle, Nerf Slip and Slide Battle, etc. And, they even hold many Guinness World Records.

7. devinsupertramp

Devin Graham, the creator of this channel uploads videos as he perceives the world through his eyes. The channel hosts extreme sports videos like "Bike vs Parkour Jumping", "Ski Ramp Bungee Jumping!", "Bike vs Parkour Race through Edinburgh Scotland", "Skateboard Parkour", etc. If you are into extreme sports then this channel is a must subscribe to. Moreover, Devin also posts videos of some highly talented rare sportspersons like the "World's Best Girl Parkour Athlete - 14 Years Old". The channel is still growing with over 5.4 million subscribers.

8. Cinema Sins

According to the creators of this channel Jeremy Scott and Chris Atkinson, "No movie is without sin. We exist mostly just to remind you of that." With over 743 videos so far, these guys point out what's wrong with all those flawless & critically acclaimed videos in a sarcastic way. The protocol the channel follows involves adding videos to Everything Wrong With--insert movie name here--series every Tuesday & Thursday.

9. Fitness Blender

With an aim to make health and fitness attainable, affordable and approachable, Daniel & Kelli show you how to stay fit in their 550 free videos. This couple makes videos concerning all the individuals out there, be it an active person or a lazy couch potato. Following their workout properly will definitely help you to remain in solid shape even during the busiest days of your week.

10. Crash Course

The name is really self-explanatory cause this channel provides you various crash courses from fields like literature, ecology, biology, world history, economics, philosophy, etc. They have got an awesome crew in which, Nicole Sweeney teaches you sociology, Carrie Anne Philbin teaches computer science, Craig Benzine teaches film history, and Mike Rugnetta is teaching mythology. Crash Course has over 9 million subscribers, and its videos crossed the 1-billion milestone this February.

There are great things out there, waiting to be explored. The question is how quick are you to YouTube it.

- Sachin Kumar

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