The Rise of Google Pay as a Leader in Mobile Payments

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Digital India and Developing India have tied up to tie your wallet under their boss fame “GOOGLE".

By the ignition of our idea of digital India by honourable prime minister Mr Narendra Modi; the zeal for making the nation digital has ignited a spark in our country. All the mobile wallets and internet banking have widened their essence in the market. Especially after demonetisation when the government had burnt the nerves all of a sudden, the digital world is considered fast, accurate and safe to get your transactions done, be it the recharge or the mega transactions.
In this era where Google is considered the aid to routine, every search, be it about navigation or food, clothing, or researching anything about the world, it stands high with its crown in digital market and foot to scan the newbie need of the customers. As the online payment app is new emulation, the big-name “Google” is up with “Google Pay" to rule the globe.
It was originally developed as an android pay app under name “Tez” in India then replaced by the big name Google.

Why go for an online payment app?
  • You can track the expenses very easily as these apps keep on reminding you about your invests.
  • Regular offers and cashback that would for sure save your money and the things would cost a bit less.
  • You are saving a lot of your time by going cashless, no long queue at ATM, no arguments at the bank manager’s desk.
  • Wander freely throughout the country with no worries of pickpockets.
Here are some strategies that Google pay provides to capture the attention:


Rewards and cashback are being the motivation for using the apps, it can more be understood as a bait to trap more customers. Where many online payment apps are providing cashback and reward coupons, Google pay is mastering over all of them with giving regular scratch cards and higher amount of cashback, so; the bait ensures the trap.”


This one-time procedure “know your customer” is compulsory in many online payment apps, while they give liberty for a year, but cease their services as soon as you hit the deadline; while “Google Pay" does not have any custom of KYC completion. Thus, reducing a formality, just link your bank account at “Google Pay" and spend over a click.


Direct connection with the bank makes the app easy to understand throughout the country. There is also no messed up procedures of filling e-wallets or filling the account details again and again.

Just one-time act and you are all set to solve all the payment options be it recharge or ticket confirmation.


India being a multilingual nation supports more than 22 languages and Google pay supports English, Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu that accounts for a majority of the population in India, be it a scholar or an illiterate farmer the app facilitates each one to be an active member of Digital India. Google pay is going to tie up with more brands and sources to provide discounts and services


Google Pay uses Near Field Communication to transmit the information thus provides a two- factor authentication. To make any transaction through Google pay you need to enter the pin or the physical authentication such as fingerprint, while in other apps the entry can be easily made if you have captured the phone at once and able to login by using the forgot password option. It does not send your card details to the person receiving the payment, it just displays the sender's id; thus securing your personal information.


The app got launched in the US for the first time in 2015 and till the time it has increased its presence to around 30 countries. So have your phone with you and spend across these 30 countries without currency alteration.

What do the stats predict for the future?
According to the statistics presently Google has 390 million monthly active users. Under the same boss fame, it is predictable that soon Google Pay will conquer the market becoming the leading figure in online payment apps.

- Arpita Tiwari
- Purav Nayak

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