Mansi Gupta's Youth Leadership Conference Experience

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I am a mass communication student, and, at the end of my summer vacations, when I realised I had not interned anywhere yet, my panic mode kicked in, and I filled up any and every internship application I came across. At the time, Board of Young Leaders was just another form, with just another company I knew nothing about, and did not bother to, as long as they offered me a decent internship.

It wasn’t until I had to make the payment did I seriously consider looking it up. I had been selected, but I wasn’t ready for a two day ‘social’ event where I’d have to interact with absolute strangers. But I needed the ‘internship’, and well, I had been feeling useless for a long time. So, I signed up for it. Irrespective of what I said in the interview about how excited I was to attend the conference; I still wasn’t sure this was a good idea. Few days before ‘the weekend’, I was considering what emergency would sound really genuine.

Fast-forward to the morning of the first day of conference. The first two people I meet, are both working professionals, and appear surer of themselves than I’ll ever be. My regret intensifies and I just want it to get over, even before it began.

The conference starts. And I could tell you about everything we did. But, I won’t. No, I haven’t been asked to not share it. I think telling what we did, would take out the fun for those who will join the family in future. The family, yes. All the videos that I saw of others’ experience, talked about how it wasn’t a company or internship that we were joining, but a family we were going to be a part of; and quite honestly, I just thought it was creative marketing.

It wasn’t. We were this quiet bunch of strangers in the morning, but, at the end of the conference, it wasn’t strangers I was saying goodbye to, they were some of the most amazing friends I had ever made. It’s been a few weeks now, I’ve been associated with EMN, and it truly is a family; everyone supports everyone’s work, whether its ten steps forward or one.

The YLC conference has been my best impulsive decision. It wasn’t just fun and games, though they were plenty. We had some great sessions, very well-curated, by some very professional individuals, who pushed me to explore the possibilities of my thoughts, in crazy different directions. There was room for discussions and different perceptions. I was pulled out my comfort zone, very warmly, and sweetly, and made comfortable outside of it. The kind of interactions we had, with the speakers and with each other, were so wholesome and enriching. All the people there were so welcoming and accepting, so open and non-judgemental.

Nothing I’d say could possibly capture the wealth of experience we witnessed at the two-day conference. It is not one or two things that I can pin-point. It is that whole experience, which was intense and overwhelming. And if you think this is not the kind of experience you sought, or it’s just not your thing, trust me you’re going to change your mind. I genuinely believe YLC is an opportunity, everyone should experience.

- Written by Mansi Gupta

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Mansi Gupta's Youth Leadership Conference Experience Mansi Gupta's Youth Leadership Conference Experience Reviewed by EMN on September 22, 2019 Rating: 5

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