The 3 Ingredients to the Best Masterchef Series - Masterchef Australia

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Australia is one of the most urbanized countries. Although it’s famous for its open spaces, Kangaroos, The Great Barrier Reef, the Outback, and natural wonders; it is also arguably the land of the best MasterChef series.  MasterChef Australia has not only managed to catch the attention of people in Australia but also it has made its mark internationally.

It has opened many minds to new culinary experiences, techniques, and adventures. It also taught us about food which stimulates all your five senses. It has opened our minds and palates to dishes such as Yakitori style chicken and Coral Trout. Who thought Szechuan Pavlova with Beetroot and Blackberry would be the winning dish? (yes, it is a dessert)
Let’s see if MasterChef Australia is truly great or just overrated.
Why is MasterChef Australia so popular? 
Despite being reality tv, MasterChef Australia feels very genuine and educational. Many of the show’s counterparts in the world focus more on the drama and flair to sell the show which often leads us to wonder if they’re rigged or fake.
MasterChef Australia is recorded months before it is actually aired. Therefore, the producers cannot promote specific contestants because they can’t know who the favourites will be. On the other hand, it makes life a little hard for the contestants to keep quiet for months about it.
While other MasterChef series focus more on entertaining the audience, MasterChef Australia seems more down- to- Earth even if it is filled with emotional questions and dramatic music.
Here, the main focus is food and we get to observe, actually be inspired to try out the techniques shown and the food made. The joy of something from your native cuisine being made on the MasterChef is also very unique happiness for the audience. To make sure it is an educational experience for everyone, Network 10 also posts the recipes made by the contestants as seen on MasterChef and the recipes shown in the Masterclasses on their official website.
2. Judges and Contestants
Matt Preston, Gary Mehigan and George Calombaris have been tasting dishes on MasterChef Australia ever since the first season aired in 2009. The spectacular food critic (Matt) and the two amazing chefs (Gary and George) mentor the contestants throughout the show.
Even though it is a competition, none of the contestants display a cut-throat attitude. Rather, they help each other out and form bonds in the competition which only nurture when they get out of there.  In season 11, we can see a sibling-like bond formed between Derek and Larissa. They also came together for a pop up long after the season was over.
The judges are very professional. If the dish isn’t good, they say so but aren’t harsh at the same time. They give the contestants points to improve and even help them out if they’re struggling while cooking the dish. Although we love the chemistry of Matt, George, and Gary on screen, some things have to come to an end. Season 11 was the last time the three came on as judges in MasterChef Australia. 
This season (spoiler alert), Larissa Takchi, only 22 years old, became the youngest person to win MasterChef Australia with an 85/90 in a three course-service challenge. Although she had a rocky start and some struggles, she beat Tessa Boersma and Simon Toohey with risky dishes that were packed with flavour.

3. The Showbusiness
The number of episodes in MasterChef Australia is overwhelmingly more than its counterparts. On average, it consists of 70 episodes, which is a lot more than 15-20 episodes of other MasterChef series. Since there are so many episodes, the viewers understand and get to know the strengths and weaknesses of the contestants and see how they evolve. The attachment formed to the contestants also attracts a lot of audiences.
Apart from great food expectations, MasterChef is also a very difficult competition because the contestants have to stay away from their families and loved ones for months and can rarely talk to them. Therefore, there is also mental pressure here. Some flourish under the pressure while some don’t. In the end, all 24 contestants are one step closer to achieving their food dreams.
MasterChef has not only given some amateur home cooks incredible opportunities but also foodies around the world educational and fun experience. From not knowing a lot about the French cuisine to pronouncing and knowing the techniques to make the perfect Crème Brulee, we’ve come a long way!

- Written by Sunidhi Shende
- Edited by Maitreyi Mehndiratta

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