Ritvika Rathore’s Youth Leadership Conference Experience

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I stumbled upon Eat My News through one of my contacts. I was informed about the youth leadership conference by the same person. At first, I was unclear, my lazy instinct pulled me down and restricted my inner dreams to flow freely but as a little bit of time passed and I read about the wonderful reviews of the previous conferences and how elated people were after attending the conference, my excitement escalated like rabbits jump. My decision changed into fixated one and I attended the conference.

Talking about the experience I had, it was truly delightful and challenging. I built bonds with people from different walks of life and who were from different places spread across India. It was an unmatched experience and a memorable one. It helps in bringing back your concentration to your and self - development along with of course projecting a strong belief. It became a medium for me to challenge my thoughts. I realised the power of social interaction and self-introspection.

I strongly recommend everyone to be part of the EMN family and kickstart their journey of self - exploration. There is a bulk of learning within circles formed by a person through social interactions. In totality, my experience was wholesome, and I enjoyed every bit of my presence in the youth leadership conference.

It has the potential of bringing back the motivation in thoughts of people who have strayed away from their goals. It sets deviated individuals back to his/ her trajectory of success. I will carry with me the souvenirs in the form of memories and experience. The youth conference is worth experiencing. It reinforces the moulding of youthful time in such that, each participant in the conference goes back with a new vision for their success.

 - Written by Ritvika Rathore

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Ritvika Rathore’s Youth Leadership Conference Experience Ritvika Rathore’s Youth Leadership Conference Experience Reviewed by EMN on September 25, 2019 Rating: 5

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