Student Leader Interview: Manya from Miranda House

An Interview with Manya - The President of Snapshots
(Photography Society of Miranda House)

Image courtesy - Manya

Tell us more about your role & responsibilities at your college
I am Manya, the president of Snapshots, the photography society of Miranda House. As a President, my role involves awakening the interest of more and more students into the art form of photography and making sure that budding photographers on the campus are provided with a platform to showcase their talent. As a result of the collective efforts of the society, many workshops which are open to all students are conducted to deepen the interest in photography, entertain questions and doubts individuals may have regarding the setting, lighting etc and appreciate capturing photographs.

What is it like to juggle between a leadership role and normal college life?
In my opinion, for proactive students who have always wanted to do more, college life simply translates into a leadership experience. Making time for something you like, holding a position of responsibility and balancing it with academics is the perfect step on the learning curve. I am actually amazed as to how engaging in society work has helped me in my growth and personal development.

Do you enjoy the kind of influence you hold at such a young age?
Yes, I believe that being an office bearer allows me to show my love for photography and make my fellow peers aware of its beauty. Moreover, it enables me to blend my academic interests with my personal interests. As I am doing my Bachelors in Physics, setting the camera in the right angle and light to capture something is my means of creative expression.

Do you have a message for parents to allow their kids to do things besides academics?
I feel that drawing a harsh line between academics and extracurriculars activities itself is a mistake. Learning does not happen in isolation, academics and creative pursuits are interlinked. Both are different ways of presenting ideas. I can’t emphasize enough on the fact that it is vital for students to dedicate themselves to their studies as well as extracurricular activities and try to excel at both.

What did you do in your current role that makes you feel really proud of yourself?
At the position I am, I credit myself for making individuals within my reach understand that photography is not an elite art form. Within the advancement of technology, every phone has become a camera. I am proud of how I have managed to promote among my society members a culture of laying emphasis on what we capture, why we capture it and how we capture something irrespective of a photograph being captured by a phone camera or a professional camera.

What’s your message to encourage students to do internships and attend conferences?
I believe that life is made up of a lot of experiences and especially as college students, attending conferences and participating in internships is adding to the pool of experiences I should have and to an individual’s practical knowledge. Having and sticking to a routine is great but stretching oneself and getting into unfamiliar domains is actually where growth lies.
Attending conferences facilitates interaction and provides one with the exposure of getting to know people from different walks of life, posing questions, clarifying doubts and acquiring more knowledge.

Participating in internships is vital to understand what the real market is like. With the education system in which we are studying, it is hard to bridge the gap between academic learning and industrial preferences without taking on such opportunities. Thus, engaging in such activities is pivotal to broadening one’s horizons.

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