What To Expect From Frozen 2?

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The movie that reinforced that an act of true love is not always the true lover’s kiss, the one that told its viewers that bonds of sisterhood are always strong is back. Frozen 2 is the sequel of movie Frozen, which came in 2013. This movie is written by Jennifer Lee. Staring cast is Kristen Bell as “Anna”, Idina Menzel as “Elsa”, Josh Gad as “Olaf”, and Jonathan Groff as “Kristoff”.

The storyline is all about true love between the two sister’s Anna and Elsa. The story starts from the flashback where both Anna and Elsa are small and their father tells a story of an enchanted and magical forest. The magical forest was all about 4 elements: air, water, fire and earth.

Graphics and designing used in frozen 2 are much better than in the original one, they are more alluring.

The sequel comes with the finding of a history of the family where Elsa unknowingly starts finding a sound which only she can hear, then she remembers the story her father told. After knowing that something wrong is going to happen she decides to go to the forest where Anna interrupts and tell Elsa that she will be accompanying her.

Fairy tales are something which may be hard to believe but, most of us want them to become true at some point in our lives. Many of us will be able to connect with the story as the storyline revolves around loneliness, love, fear, and curiosity to know the future.

Sometimes the visuals are not enough for giving the message but then the music of the movie comes in handy. I must say, the movie has really pleasant musical effects.

The best part of the movie which I felt was that some minutes of the movie was dedicated to the recap of the original Frozen, as some of you might not have seen Frozen. But, not to worry the recap is given in a way that you can understand the whole movie without any doubts.

Happy endings are always the joyful moments for all of us, hence with a joyful moment, the movie ends with an amazing happy ending (spoiler alert). Anna becomes Arendale’s queen and Elsa becomes the queen of the enchanted and magical forest.

Apart from celebrating sisterhood, the movie is well balanced with humorous characters like Olaf, who comes as a sweet simple comic relief. Somewhere, I personally believe that the movie rushed at the beginning and the ending because of which the past could not be explained properly.

Other than this the backgrounds, effects, costumes, and the character voices are just mesmerizing. Children could inspire role models from the movie. So many positive messages are given. One of the messages I remember it says, “Whenever you will think, you are on the right path, the life will throw you on to the other” which is actually a fact and many of us could relate to this. Many times it happens when we think everything is going just perfect and happy something accidentally happens and reminds you that no, my dear you were wrong.

In this movie, Anna has a fear of loneliness, which I think everyone has at one point in their life. Fear of losing your loved ones is something which no one wants and no one would ever even like to think of. Anna in this movie has gone through that dark phase in her life when no one was there for her, her parents died and her own sister had shut the doors.

Anna sang a song in this movie which says, “When you do not know the future, just do next right thing you know”. Which means that it’s true we cannot predict the future however we can at least do the next right thing we know so, that the future could as pleasant as we think of.

There are so many positive messages in this movie, I personally learnt a lot and will recommend everyone to watch this sequel if they like musical and animated movies.

I would like to rate this movie as per the following

Positive message


Education value


It is a must-watch movie if you are a fantasy person, you are going to be in love with this one!!!

- Written by Amrita Mansharamani

- Edited by Maitreyi Mehndiratta

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