What is Youth Leadership Conference by Eat My News?

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If you would like to attend the conference and want us to give you a call, then you can fill up your details here.

Whenever you come across a conference, skill development or even a new experience, you may tend to oversee it 99% of the times. It is ingrained in us that what's important is a good school, top college, reputed masters and a job with a fat paycheque. So, it's natural to oversee everything that is not what you're hardwired to be looking for. 

By being so busy in this rat race called life, what takes a back seat is you. Human potential is infinite. You may think that you're only capable of X, whereas, in reality, you may be capable of 10X or more. This multifold growth in your potential, in your intellect and in your growth can be attained only by taking your own personal transformation seriously.

Personal transformation can come from a multitude of ways like reading new books, meeting new people, travelling, doing new courses, starting a new business, taking new initiatives in your job, attending events & conferences and more. 

Youth Leadership Conference by Eat My News is a curated 2-day event that focuses on an individual experiencing some change from within, to take any action that can change their lives for the better. 

When you come to the conference, the 2-day experience is designed for you in such a way that you meet a lot of new people from all over the country and we help facilitate you forming deep connections with them. In fact, our past delegates have claimed that they felt like a family after just 2 days. It's hard to explain, but it's true. 

Then there are skill development workshops on topics like Emotional Intelligence, Industry 4.0, Leadership, Marketing, Human Resources etc. What makes these workshops enable effective learning is that they're delivered by experts in an activity-based and interactive style. The idea behind doing these is not to give you an information overload about things you can easily find on the web but to immerse you in thoughts that are actionable and practical. 

There is no dearth of fun at YLC. We work hard and enjoy harder. After a hard day of work, you deserve to spend quality time having meaningful interactions. There are games and activities to help you unwind for the next day. Now the fun part is something you should experience yourself, without knowing much about it prior to you coming.

Again tough to delineate in words, but the conference focuses on infusing you with new energy, bringing you out of your bubble, and inspiring you to do great things in life. 

What you get after YLC are memories you can always cherish, new learnings that will never be forgotten and new people that you can call your friends for life. Most of the delegates have said that the money they spent on attending YLC has been the best and wisest investment of their life.

We don't think twice before spending on our short weekend getaways. What if you could do a weekend getaway, meet new people and also learn new things? Give it a thought!

YLC is not a conference, it is an experience that you can consider giving a shot to. Eat My News is working towards making the world more inspired, informed and intelligent. And YLC was founded to help us do that. 

You can hear some raving reviews about people who have attended YLC from here

If you would like to attend the conference and want us to give you a call, then you can fill up your details here.

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