7 Things to Look Forward to in the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo

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 Japan is well known for its hospitality in the world and is now on the Shinkansen mode. It is in its final phases of preparation for the Tokyo Olympics which are to be held starting from July 2020. 
The second time summer Olympic hosts are back to blend their experience and great technical expertise in the coming year.in 2020, they have a new Vision, a new mission to change the world by the Olympic game. It is being said that the Tokyo Olympics will be the most innovative and technological advanced games held until now. 
Here the world’s best techniques and technologies will be utilized in operating the games. The Japanese technology is known to be flawless and their preparation and execution of the Olympics by the robots will be a delight to see for the rest of the world. So, let us have a look at the most exciting things the Tokyo Olympics has to offer.

1.State of the Art Technology
The Tokyo Olympics has face recognition system deployed on a mass scale and a fleet of driverless cars for the tourists coming in Tokyo. Since so much is at stake during the Olympics that they have built a security network of many thousands of cameras and microphones rolled over the city arenas. Adding to the excitement during the opening and closing events a ‘man-made meteor show’ would be held by sending a mini-satellite into the orbit through the  Project Sky Canvas initiative. 

2.The New Games on Board
Moreover, we will see a total of 33 games in the Tokyo Olympics. In this edition, five different sports have been added which include Baseball, Karate, Skateboarding, Sport-climbing and Surfing. These games were accepted by the International Olympic Committee for the inclusion in Tokyo Olympics. Further, the IOC is thinking way ahead for their introduction of 3 on 3 basketball game which is an expected favourite in the 2020 Olympics. 
3.The Rise of the New Stars
The Tokyo Olympics will see the post era of some legendary players which retired by the last games. Such as we will see a new winner post-Usain Bolt era, a new swimmer post-Michael Phelps who was the most decorated athlete of Olympics. The spectators have huge expectations with the young Katie Ledecky who is the most dominant swimmer of recent times. She won 4 gold and silver medals in the Rio Olympics and it remains to be seen how many more medals she will add to her tally. 
4. Shifting of the biggest fish market in the world

While there are so many new things to witness in the Tokyo Olympics while there are some contingencies too as the city of Tokyo has an immense crowded network of roads and public transport. How they deal with the packed city remains to be seen. There are reports that the biggest fish market of the world will be shifted to a new place and by introducing the telework days or work from home program to reduce the number of commuters. This idea was previously applied in the 2012 London Olympics. 

Along with telework, flex-biz and 2020 TDM (Transportation Demand Management) is introduced to reduce the crowded and packed city. The Japanese government along with private players will provide consulting sessions for the TDM project and the companies registered under TDM will be allowed to use TDM symbol. 

5. Best out of Waste
Japan has made everything look so easy, and the new thing is that they are developing medals and trophies using e-waste. Unused electronic items such as smart-phones, tablets, laptops and many such things are used to give medals to athletes and winners. This is the first time in history where the medals are being made completely out of e-waste. 
Japan leads in its efforts for environmental conservation plans and in the Olympics, it will focus attention on sustainability-related issues in the world. The sustainability concept of ‘Be better, together’ is the philanthropic theme which would set the stage for building a better tomorrow.
6.The Coolest Ambassador
The brand ambassador of this Olympics is the famous Dragon Ball-Z superstar Goku. It is probably the most renowned ambassador and we know that Goku can do anything.
7.Cute Mascots
Japan has also prepared for the emblems which are composed of a checkered pattern of Indigo colour. The emblem is thought-provoking as it exemplifies the message of Unity in Diversity during the Olympics. Tokyo also prepared the official mascots which are Miraitowa and Someity which are a beautiful Japanese pair. Here Miraitowa means ‘future eternity’ to promote a future full of hope and Someity means ‘so mighty’ this signifies the strength. 

Tokyo has already made a legacy from the 1964 Olympics and it a revered part of the Japanese society. This time Japan has prepared plans to transfer this legacy to the world in tangible and intangible ways to promote a healthy lifestyle through sports, bringing environmental and technological friendly initiatives, and sharing Japan’s culture with the world. The electric city is ready to electrify the world once again with its preparedness and hospitality.

- Written by Harsh Sharma

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