11 Good Things About Christmas

Christmas is the time of the year when holidays are all upon us, everyone is excited and happy. During this time, everyone is shopping around, decorating their workplace as well as their sweet homes. Childhood memories of Christmas days were the best one we ever had.

So you all might remember your childhood Christmas, how your parents used to tell you that an old man named Santa Claus would come in the night and gift you a present in your socks kept near the Christmas tree and you being a child used to get so excited. Now, though that excitement is no more we all know that Santa Claus is nobody else but our parents only. But Santa has given us the power to believe and look forward to Christmas. So here are 11 things to look forward during Christmas.

Decorating A Christmas Tree

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So when it comes to the Christmas tree everyone has their own way, some go and buy a real Christmas tree or buy the fake one. In any way, the fun of decorating the tree is no less and the whole family helps in decorating while listening to the jingles and crackling fire. Most important is the star on the top, which is bright and shining. The tree is taken care of till the new year and the star on the top symbolizes the new beginning. After all this, there is always a competition whose tree is better.

Christmas Parties

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Since Christmas is considered a big event many of us throw parties at this time and it results in happy get-togethers. Relatives, friends living at far off places even come and spent some time together. Drinking spiked eggnog, eating the grilled chicken and heating up the feet near the fire while talking about the past memories are the best part of the evening. Everyone is scheduled the whole year but Christmas becomes a reason for many people to go off schedule.

Opening Christmas Presents

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Okay, so this is the time when many of us are bombarded with gifts. All of us love opening gifts and that reaction when others opening gifts gifted by you is even nicer. There is no doubt that presents create a lot of excitement and to children, presents are the only important thing. Children wait for a full night to get their present from Santa Claus.

Baking Christmas Cookies

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In winters there is nothing as amazing as baking cookies for family and friends. While baking you might spend some time with your loved ones. Many who don’t bake themselves buy their plumcakes and desserts from the shops nearby and enjoy. Children love different shapes of cookies and enjoy making a house of cookies.

Christmas movies

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This is the time during the Christmas week, one can easily get curled in a blanket and watch all the Christmas movies while eating the hot sizzling food. All Christmas movies are fun to watch as most of them have a happy ending. You can schedule your pending best picks for this week and enjoy watching in a cosy environment.

Tradition of Mistletoe

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Okay, this is an old ritual of Christmas many families decorate their home with mistletoe (it’s a plant which grows on the range of trees). The significance of decorating with this particular plant is that its mythologically accepted that it brings good luck to the household. It s also known to be a sign of love and friendship.

Amazing Clearance Deals

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Same as big Diwali offers, throughout Christmas week we have amazing winter clearing sale. While shopping for gifts and decoration we can buy some woollies and make the best of offers.

Christmas Lights

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It’s really amazing watching lights everywhere with a little bit of snowfall or at least those bright lights all around you when you wake up and the Christmas tree surrounded by the green light giving a shine to it. The most breathtaking moment is when you drive out and see the streets lighten up the dark and your heart.

Christmas Songs

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Jingle bells and songs are very important, as a party can not be started without the music. Hence to feel the Christmas vibes Christmas songs are way important and melodious to hear, you can’t stop yourself from singing along.

Secret Santa

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This is a ritual in which gifts are gifted by families and friends but without a name note which means you will not be knowing who has gifted you and you need to guess on your own. That’s really fun guessing and excitement levels are at an all-time high. A secret lover can gift without getting noticed. A good way to express your feelings.

Spending Time With Family

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Every one of us is busy in our work and don’t spend time with our families, this is an occasion where we can actually spend some time enjoying and having dinner together like we used to have in our childhoods.

These were my 11 best things about Christmas, I hope you can easily relate to them and have fun this Christmas. Christmas is just a reason for spreading happiness all around and getting cosy with some great delicious food and moreover spending time with your family and loves ones.

Here’s wishing you a Merry Christmas!

- Written by Amrita Mansharamani

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