Harshit Agarwal's Youth Leadership Conference Experience

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I am in my second-year pursuing Bachelor of Management Studies from Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies. I got to know about the Youth Leadership Conference 10.0 in mid-December 2019 when I received a message on my class group. I read a little about Eat My News and its Board of Young Leaders program on the web and found it to be an attractive opportunity. When I found out about the conference I decided to read about it in-depth and check the reviews before making any decision. I found all the reviews and experiences of the YLC to be positive, where people were extremely happy attending it and being a part of the EMN community. At last, I decided to apply for it and experience it myself. I underwent two telephonic interviews and was finally selected for attending the Youth Leadership Conference and being a part of the Board of Young Leaders Program. 

The conference was convened in a property in Gurgaon on 18-19 January 2020. We were supposed to reach the hotel by 9:30 AM, and I was a bit nervous as it was a two-day residential conference and I had no experience with any conferences so far. I reached the hotel before the expected time and found my roommate already there. Since we both reached a bit early, we spent the next 40-50 minutes talking and knowing about each other and developed a good bond. 
The conference started by 10:30 AM and I had an ambivalent feeling of nervousness and excitement as there were around 40 people in the room from different cities with whom I was going to spend my next two days. In the first few hours, some fun activities were conducted to make everyone comfortable and know each other. In the second half of the day, various sessions were conducted on some extremely relevant topics ranging from mindfulness to personal branding. The most thrilling and best part of the day was the last session where everyone enjoyed and lived the moment to the fullest. By the end of the day, I made some really good friends who were completely unknown to me just 12 hours back.
The next day, some important sessions were conducted by industry experts ranging from people who had a profound experience of around 10 years working in big organisations to successful entrepreneurs. All the sessions held during the two days added immensely to my knowledge and at the same time taught me some valuable life lessons. 

I would like to summarise by saying these were the best two days of my life where I enjoyed a lot (after a long time), met and befriended some amazing people and learned a lot. I would recommend everyone who is reading this post to attend the YLC and experience it on your own.

- Written by Harshit Agarwal
Harshit Agarwal's Youth Leadership Conference Experience Harshit Agarwal's Youth Leadership Conference Experience Reviewed by EMN on January 27, 2020 Rating: 5

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