Student Leader Interview – Roshan Sharma from Ramjas College, University of Delhi

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1. Tell us more about your role and responsibilities in your society?
Being the general secretary, my responsibility is to manage all the paper work, like: NOC, and other permission letters for the society. I also contact with our staff advisors & administration block regarding billings, permission letters. Besides it, sometimes I also talk to parents of some members when society goes for an outstation event. 

2. How challenging is it to maintain a balance between the society work & college?
Actually, it is not that challenging. I have 4 subjects in my course & I have sufficient gaps between those classes, so I always find time to approach administrators. And the second thing is, that our staff advisors are always available for us & they give us time after college time as well.

3. As the General Secretary of your college society, what is the one major challenge that you have overcome?
Besides being the General Secretary, I’m an instrumentalist as well. Sometimes the timings of official/documentation work and practice clash, so I need to miss practices to complete official procedures and it’s tough for me to learn the lessons of missed sessions. 

4. Do you feel that the current role at your society will be one of your stepping stones towards success in life?
Yes, Music, “How to manage administration, how to deal with personal issues and society responsibility together, how to deal with little clashes in the society, how to be prepared for every work, etc.” are some major things I’ve learned from my society. I consider my society same as my family, so here I also learn how to manage family.

5. Do you think parents’ support plays a role in deciding whether a student has an active extra-curricular life or not? What is your message to all the parents?
Yes, I think parents’ support is an important thing which pushes us to go for ECA with more energy and excitement.  My parents are not that level of educated, I’m also from a very small town, but still my parents always understand my need, interest, emotions towards ECA. There support allows me to explore the things with more concentration, freedom and excitement. They’ve created an environment which give provides me the mood for practice. I’d like to Conway all the parents that try to understand the area of interests of their children. They should also involve with them in that activity, and set-up an environment for more comfortable and free practice.

6. What's your message to encourage students to do internships and attend conferences?

I think, school students don’t have their individual identity, and also school students are in a special care. But when you enter in college and get a new platform and environment. College is the place where you can establish your individual identity with-in three years. College is the place where you decide your career, your future and your goals. Conferences and internships in colleges are some opportunities for every student to explore and learn new things which can give you working experience, a personality as worker and also an opportunity to follow your passion for lifetime. Conferences, workshops and internships are some valuable activities which teaches students “how to work, how to balance your different responsibilities at the same time and how to prove yourself.”
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