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It was the morning of 18th January 2020. I was ready to go for this two-day conference in aa hotel in Gurugram. While on my way, my brain was filled with questions. All those were making me nervous. Those questions were not about the conference, not about the place and the people I was going to meet but those questions were about me. I was constantly doubting myself. I was afraid about meeting new people, expressing myself and addressing strangers. 

The Experience
The moment I entered in the conference hall Tanya Kathpal ma’am gave us a warm welcome, I constantly felt like I am not at an unknown place the way she came and said 'welcome'. It made me feel like I am not new here. The session started with a few questions and in between all those activities, we just didn't realise how we all become friends at the same place and at the same moment. After that the most exciting task was assigned to us and that was the most memorable part of YLC for me.
While going through all the tasks and sessions, we never realised how technically the conference and activities were planned. Now when I look back, I can understand that all those activities were performed to make us comfortable and without knowing we just got carried away in the moment. Through sessions, we got to know about mindfulness, self-branding and entrepreneurship. Those sessions kept going for the next day as well. The panel of speakers comprised brilliant people who had done fabulous in their fields. They had outstanding abilities and a high level of patience to answer all the critical questions asked by the students in the conference.  All those speakers not just made us aware about marketing, business and life style but they also shared their valuable experiences from life. 

At Youth Leadership Conference, you are not just going to learn, you are going to get an experience which you would have earned probably in a few years. Undoubtedly those two days are going to stay with me for a lifetime. I still feel fortunate to be a part of YLC 10.0. And when I said bye to my YLC family and stepped out of that place, I had answers to all those questions that I had carried to the conference. 

- Written By Nidhi Verma

Youth Leadership Conference Experience – Nidhi Verma Youth Leadership Conference Experience – Nidhi Verma Reviewed by EMN on January 31, 2020 Rating: 5

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