9 Ways to Improve Security in College Fests

College fest is one of the most awaited day in the life of a student. It is the day where you cool your hot tempers, keep aside the exam fears and lose yourself in the festivity. It is supposed to be the memorable days in one’s life. The concerts and DJ nights are the most celebrated events. These events require more security as they are scheduled at the night. Students are more prone to attack and assault at this time. This calls for the assistance of more volunteers and security forces. What happened at Gargi College teaches us that there should be a well-laid plan regarding the smooth running of the event. 

What happened at Gargi College?

In the recent news, all might have heard about the chaos that took place at Gargi College. The fun moments turned to horror very unexpectedly and students were brutally attacked and sexually harassed by some people who barged into the campus. The intruders attacked the students in the midst of a concert. The photographs and footage show that there were some girls also in the team. Students have alleged that the men were intoxicated and smoking marijuana. Liquor bottles were also found on the college premises. All of a sudden when the cool atmosphere shifts to something bizarre, it is natural for students to develop a fear of attending fest and other celebrations. There should be a great deal of planning while organising any cultural or political events.

These are some basic steps to ensure the security and the smooth progression of the event.  

Be extra cautious 

The event convenor must insist on all his co-workers staying alert. All must be prepared to handle the crowd. Securities must be placed on all the corners. All the members of the event committee must be in constant communication with each other. The team leaders must be aware of whatever is happening in the venue.

Hold onto strictness

Only people with an entry pass must be permitted inside. The gates must be closed at least an hour before the commencing of the program. CCTV surveillance is most needed at this time. All let others know that they are under surveillance. Clearly mention it at all important points of the venue. 

Bigger venues 

The events must be conducted on the spacious open ground rather than a tightly packed hall. Securities must keep an eye on the available space while letting the people in. If space becomes too crowded, more entry can be stopped. Keep volunteers outside the green room and washrooms. There can be a separate barricaded section for girls and women. 

Proper parking space

Ensure proper parking space for all those who join the event. Examine the number of registrants and arrange the space accordingly. Let the people know if there is a prepaid parking facility available. 

Keep a watch out for crowds both inside and outside 

Extra care must be taken to ensure that there is no gathering of crowds outside the gate. Their chances of barging it when the gate is opened for the entry of a guest are high. Arrange special entrance and exit gates for VIPs.

Arrange police forces, medical team, fire force

Seek high security by arranging police forces and barricades in order to prevent any possible conditions and to check any sort of disturbance. The emergency medical team must also be arranged. 

Security arrangements by student volunteers 

Arrange student volunteers to help and guide the guests throughout the event. A help desk is a necessity for events of all sorts. The college union must also be assigned to provide security forces from their part for any additional help. There should be backups for student volunteers. You should not run out of volunteers in the eleventh hour. 

Dress code

The securities and student volunteers can choose a separate dress code to stand out of the crowd. People can approach you easily if you have a unique dress code. Volunteers and students must wear their ID cards until the end of the event.

Post-event activities

There should be tight security until the last person leaves the venue. When the event reaches to climax, the organizers must stay vigilant and never allow gathering of crowds. The guests must be safely walked out with police forces and student volunteers on all sides. Since most events are scheduled overnight, put on the lights soon after the events come to a closure. Ask the securities to let everybody out in an orderly way. There should be multiple exit gates to avoid chaos and confusion. 

By enforcing these steps, fests can be made more secure and it can be ensured that the fun and frolic associated with the fests are not overshadowed by the security concerns. Thrill and enjoyment for one should not be at the cost of someone else’s well-being. 

Written By: Maryam Salim
Edited By: Purav Nayak

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