5 Ways to Enjoy the Placements Process

It is often said that any journey is more beautiful than the destination ever could be. This comes along the lines of transformation one goes through during the fleeting journeys which actually prepares us to encounter destinations which is the reality we want to be in.
But there are some journeys in our lives that we just have to cover for the sake of the destinations. They make us so anxious and miserable, some for the level of complexity they bring in, and some because they come attached with a certain level of significance. They conclude to such life changing decisions that the mere thought of being in such circumstances makes us want to run away from the same. But their necessity can be derived from their imperativeness for leading the lives of our own choices. Thus, we anyway have to go through the same to reach our favoured destinations. 
One such process is the dreaded placement process that we all undergo either at graduation or post-graduation level. They tend to check almost all aspects of our personality, from patience to confidence and from integrity to knowledge; once for all, all for once. The right fit for the company’s environment, culture and job role are the grounds for which one’s persona is judged, evaluated and thus finally gets accepted or rejected. Where on one hand, the process is a battle ground, the rejection comes almost as a heartbreak, each time it happens. It gives a sense of inferiority and an unusual sense of doubtfulness that dwells inside and keep questioning everything and anything going on with our lives.
Maybe it is not all about the process, maybe it is only us who take it so much to our hearts that it takes over the whole of our personalities, merging those insoluble identities with unfamiliar objects leading to questionable existence and an abstruse thought process. 
The following are certain hacks that we can follow so as to lighten this heavy burden of bundled emotions which come whirling upon us.

1. Enough sleep: We generally tend to limit our sleep hours to 3-4, in a bid to be fully prepared. Well, we all at least would not want to yawn in front of the interviewer. Also, we definitely tend to be a better version of ourselves when we have properly slept for enough no. of hours.

2. Analysis: Whenever we face a rejection, we tend to look down on ourselves. Instead, we should try to analyse what actually went wrong and didn’t work for us. It can be lack of preparation, but at the same time there is an equally likely probability for the candidate not being an appropriate cultural fit for the company which, has nothing to do with him. The job is actually not for him/her.

3. Reverse Engineering: We should actually go on a reverse scenario process in our heads i.e. what could actually be the worst possible scenario if we do not get through, following which we should acclimatise to being in that scenario and hence go all fearless without taking any onus or responsibility for the outcome.

4. Stop the Comparison: With all your peers getting placed and the feeling of being left out will definitely bother but at the same time make sure that you do not lose the sense of self worth and keep reminding yourself that there is absolutely no ground of comparison with others. Everyone is special and unique and will remain so, no matter what are their talents and capabilities are.

5. Balance: Someone has very rightly said that the show must go on. We must maintain a proper balance in our lives and not just immerse ourselves completely into an ongoing phase of our lives. We should give time to the things that matter to you and interest you. They are the disguised source of optimism and hence should be continued.

Written by: Mehak Dhingra

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